Ing. Carlo Negri: The worst dictatorship in the world, supported only by the TV

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a summary in English of Engineer Negri’s comments.

The government Virologist has admitted yesterday that the actual number of those who died of Coronavirus at Bergamo is unknown. Only deaths were reported, tests were not done. The epidemic is fizzling out.

Says that the medical mask is a sign of submission to all the falsehoods of our government which lied to us from the beginning so as to terrorize us to accept a dictatorship of the most authoritarian government in history, one which orders the nation to destroy itself.

The total deaths in Italy from Coronavirus, though reported to be 30,000 are, according to the National Health Institute (Instituto Superore per la Sanità) are only 900.

Every day, more and more evidence comes forward to show that the epidemic was a stunt, based on no statistical facts, yet the Government is still demanding we act as if it were true. Restaurants and Bars are still closed. The only thing left for the government to claim for itself, was Bergamo, but now that has been shown to  unsubstantiated.

They burned all the bodies at Bergamo to avoid the charge of having failed to act swift enough to stop the epidemic, but also to hide that there never was an epidemic.

Italy was deceived by all, even by Salvini and Melloni. All the Parties lied to us. They are all our enemies, they all took the same side against us, against the elderly, the poor, the weakest.

When the Africans come with machetes you run away, but when the time to attack Italians comes, you all join in.

You police are the most infamous and most shamefully of all in Italy.

We need a true party of opposition, otherwise it is the end of Italy. These parties will not admit they were wrong, because if they did it would be their end, they would be liable for all the damage they did.

Grillo, the founder of the 5 Star Movement, pretended to be an opposition party, but he destroyed Italy by being the world and most shameful supporters of the enemies of the people.

Nel video secondo, Negri mostra come rispondere agli imbeciili Contisti per cui il Virus è la nuova religione:

E nel terzo video, dice che la quarentena era un proprio prigione:

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4 thoughts on “Ing. Carlo Negri: The worst dictatorship in the world, supported only by the TV”

  1. I had been wondering where Salvini, the onetime hope of Italy, stood on this. Heartbreaking. Is there any reason at all to hope in him again, Brother Alexis?

  2. Wouldn’t it be possible for someone in authority, who recognizes the mistake of the extremes of the lockdown, to say they were only following guidelines based on data at that moment, and that new data suggests it’s now time to open again? Couldn’t this be done without risking being blamed for the harm done by the lockdown?

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