Philip Lawler: Banned from the Sacraments

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video, you can hear the level of madness which is willingly embraced by those who reject Pope Benedict and accept the Virus. A world without truth, is a world without reason.

Let us pray they seek the truth and find it.

There are so many errors in this video, I need to respond to them.

  • It is asserted that going to mass is worshiping the Lord, but receiving Communion is something you do out of self interest! GOODNESS! Receiving the Sacrament of the Altar worthily is the highest form of divine worship any Catholic can do! To be offered Mass and denied communion is to be REFUSED the ability to worship Jesus Christ in the highest manner possible!
  • It is not creative to believe the lie about the Virus and alter the liturgy to accommodate the Divine Sacrifice to the will of godless politicians who are liars.
  • Saying that St. Charles Borromeo recognized the danger of the plague and is an example in this, is a blasphemous distortion of his example to support the false  narrative of the virus.
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2 thoughts on “Philip Lawler: Banned from the Sacraments”

  1. Pius V, 5th May A. D. 2020

    Poor man. Lawler peaked in 99 w The Faithful Departed. Since 2013 he’s been a sap for antipope Francis in as embarrassing a way as his colleague Jeff Mirus, Robert Royal, Fr. Z. and Roberto de Mattei.

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