Silvana de Mari: Christ gave us 1 Pope, if there are 2, 1 is the enemy of the flock

There is a schism already, of a church without Christ which has no value at all, and the Church Militant with priests who have never stopped saying the Mass.

I do not want the blessing of the Bishops who have shut down the Churches. You all can go to the Devil.

The antichrists today are the Bishops in the Church who want to dialogue with all religions and convert no one.


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3 thoughts on “Silvana de Mari: Christ gave us 1 Pope, if there are 2, 1 is the enemy of the flock”

  1. It really is that simple. There can only be 1 Pope. If it appears that there are 2, because faithful Catholics do disagree on who is the true Pope, it necessarily follows that one side is correct and one side is wrong. Therefore, there could not be an issue of greater importance that demands an exact answer in the world today… and yet, rather than call for an examination of the resignation, we hear deafening silence. This blog has the power to awaken minds all over the world and I believe it is doing that every day. Viva Cristo Rey!

  2. It is a miracle that God has allowed us Pope Benedict XVI for such a long time. It is well known that he was given a pacemaker since before 2005 when he was elected Pope. People with pacemakers don’t live longer than about 8 years (at most), and it has now been more than 15 years with a pacemaker! Maybe his Cardinal electors thought he would not live for too long. In any case, The Holy Spirit is proving the faithless prelates under Bergoglio, that HE is the “Lord and Giver of Life” and that the Papal Munus and all Divine Assistance that comes with such grace, rests on the true Vicar, Benedict XVI.

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