Dr. Meluzzi speaks with Leonardo Leone

A summary of the discourse

  • The symptoms of COVID-19 were had by Italians in November and December. This has been proven by seriological tests of antibodies.
  • The Italian woman proven by such method to have been infected in November, said that in that month she returned from Tanzania.
  • The response, therefore, was based on lies.
  • The act of terrorism against the people of Italy is certain in that it happened. But who was culpable for it?
  • The first suspects are Big Pharma and Bill Gates, close allies of the government.
  • Whoever spoke of Hydroxychloriquine was attacked because it costs nothing.
  • Nearly all who died, died of malpractice and medical error.
  • But the response to the Virus was too cordinated and too complex to be based on the error of a few. But very explicable if there was a plan to terrorize.
  • There must have been an agreement not to think, not to criticize, not to investigate, not to question among a large number of leaders in state and economy.
  • The entire present political order needs to be removed before Italy can liberate itself from the present crisis, since there is no election foreseen for Parliament until 2023. But by then Italy will be destroyed, dead.
  • The hope for the future lies in the people doing what the Globalists do not expect and have not planned for.
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2 thoughts on “Dr. Meluzzi speaks with Leonardo Leone”

  1. By 2023 not only Italy will be defunct but all of Europe as well. With our economies in tatters there will be no buying & selling, people will starve but AF will still be eating piazza washed down with grappa & all will be well in the Vatican. Homo erotica will prevail as there will be no Masses to celebrate, Sacraments to offer, idols to venerate as all will be accomplished. But just when Satan seemingly has secured his final task to extinguish the OHC&A Church from memory Our Lady will step in & with the promised prelate (Quito) the beginning of the complete restoration will begin. There is some way to go yet but it has all been laid out before us as God’s plan for each one of us & we must endure for His sake in order to enter the greatest show of the universe – Heaven.

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