Generale Pappalardo: Don’t pay any Corona Control Fines!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a summary in English of General Pappalardo’s discourse:

  • Gilet Arancioni is the first and only political movement which wants to wipe the slate clean. No compromises. No dialogue. Conte and his government needs to go.
  • In the Italian Republic every individual citizen, including the police and military, are personally responsible for observing the Constitution of the Republic.
  • Hence, every policeman who signs a citation against a citizen for violating the unconstitutional decrees of Conte has committed a criminal violation of the constitutional rights of the citizen so penalized.
  • President Materella did nothing against Conte for more than 2 weeks. What was he doing? Sleeping in Bed?
  • Three judges of the Constitutional Court said what Conte was doing was criminal, in arrogating to himself the right to pass laws.
  • Do not pay the fines!
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