Sgarbi: It is a crime against logic, reason, and rights to penalize 3 persons on the beach, but not at home

Here is a summary in English of Vittorio Sgarbi’s discourse:

  • What is being punished is disobbedience
  • Laws should be tailored to the places of infection, not everywhere.
  • It is contrary to logic to penalize 3 citizens for being on the beach, when the same three live at home together and are not penalized, for it cannot be denied that being on the beach is healthier than being locked up at home.
  • It is illogical to penalize someone biking from here to Milan. He is not going to get sick. He will not get sick.
  • These illogical controls simply show that the government of Conte wants to punish disobedience to itself, and not control any alleged infection.
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