35% of Italians had recovered from COVID-19 as of October 2019!


The comments in this video are made on the basis of the news reported in many newspapers, as regards the medical study conducted by a team of 13 specialists, under the direction of Dr. Pasquale Mario Bacco, such as,




Well dear friends I give you very good news, very very interesting of the kind I synthesize and, as usual, like all the news I provide through my channel, it is still trustworthy news and news which that you yourselves can immediately verify aftterwards, to see that it’s not fake news, but it is real news supported by  concrete evidence.

So, still on the coronavirus we have a nice surprise that’s what it is a very serious study has been done that is much credited status abroad, for example also by the Telegraph. It is a study that has been done by Dr. Paschale Mario Bacco together to a team of 13 doctors, of which he was the scientific director and this study began in February at Rome.

What they found out through this study

Now, it’s a seriologic study: that technique that by now you’ve already heard and that you already know.  Let’s say the dynamic of this test is a kit used to determine the presence of antibodies in the human body for coronavirus,  that is if the person has already been infected and if there are any antibodies and whether his body it’s no longer like saying infectious.

Having conducted this study and from which it emerged precisely that — you hold on tight — 35% of Italians in October of 2019 had already been infected and were already cured of the coronavirus, not with medical intervention and all that entails.

For Dr. Bacco, this was serious research. He is not one to get up in the morning and say things with no basis.

This study established — this is the study was done from north to south in all the cities of Italy — and it has emerged that for instance Brescia the positives already healed with presences antibodies were 45 percent then the 41 percent going down to a 29 per cent in Sicily for a total total national level of 35 percent of the population in October 2019.

Again exactly the opposite of what is always stopped the chief, Dr. Burioni, and all the doctors around him — let’s call them in the government line up to Pharmaceutical Companies as you want —  so you’ve already figured out of what I am speaking.

So I’m talking about this study. Now he has revealed another part that many of us alredy heard about but here you always have to have of the revelations and rightly to scientific level with studies but not with studies like study has done.

There also emerge that the number of deaths that they’ve always shown us is bogus and bogus because as explained by Dr. Bacco, this virus is basically potentially lethal — as we’ve already figured out — for very old debilitated people or for people maybe not old but very debilitated by serious illness. So the virus is not lethal for people, say in healthy conditions, with healthy organisms.  As were in fact always the subjects of this study that the major subjects studied were people in an age group ranging from 18 to 35 years old, i.e. people who already had viruses in October have not presented symptoms or have presented symptoms by very slight in turn these people on the way home they infected the weaker, more sensitive people. And from this have been those disasters that we know of.

Another thing that has emerged from the study what a virus then we were wondering why in Lombardy there happened this disaster, and not in the South.

It didn’t come out of one study: because they have tried increase the temperatures in the let’s say greenhouses where they grew the virus and have realized that the virus is susceptible to temperature, humidity and of the so-called dusts thin which increase the contagion of virus because they carry it.

In, Lombardy, Northern Italy, let’s say in general, where there are many industries and much smog, the virus itself is, as Dr. Bacco said, indicative of a virus that has a very high capacity contagion. This very high capacity of contagion has been further enhanced by the presence of these fine powders, carrying a sack of contagions. Now this combined with the fact that even here he said exactly the opposite of the one who’s always supported the curious claims that the smog had nothing to do with it was all bullshit and all that.

Another thing is precisely the heat because the heat modifies the virus and makes it less
aggressive and less contagious too, but the cold makes it more contagious.

It is a most aggressive virus, but he said it was aggressive it is a virus that’s not bad anyway is not potentially fatal, does not have this compared to, say, the virus of aids, which is completely different has a much stronger structure. It has been 35 years that they have been looking for AIDS vaccines and there are no AIDS vaccines because even if that is the virus you’re vaccinating for today,  in two months it’s of no use because it’s already modified its features exactly like coronavirus.

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