Cardinals Declare: The COVID-19 Pandemic is a tool for a World Government

The statement is very good, but it omits identifying Bergoglio as one of the principal actors with the WHO and Bill Gates in the Corona Stunt.

But it fails gravely in accepting the concept of a vaccine for a risk which is non-existent for 99.9% of the population.

However, who actually signed this statement is now in doubt, because Cardinal Sarah, whose name was put on it, has now said on Twitter that he never signed the document. Why Sarah would not sign this and publicly disavow his signature, seems to indicate that he knows that the Statement will rile Bergoglio and that Bergoglio is in fact part of the Covid Stunt.

In the text displayed in this video, there is a grave error of writing “he” instead of “He” when referring to God as the author of the Church’s Mission. Only Freemasons hold that it was not God but a man who founded the Catholic Church.

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6 thoughts on “Cardinals Declare: The COVID-19 Pandemic is a tool for a World Government”

  1. There is no point at this late stage in signing petitions/statements etc. as they have been a waste of time & ink for the past seven years. The prelature en masse have to denounce Antipope Francis – no less will do. Heaven demands it! We demand it! All of those who stubbornly resist will have all eternity to regret that decision as it will wipe out the papacy & relocate to either Moscow or Peking but no-one will follow them. When Our Lady arrives on the scene theirs will be a frightful & everlasting demise in Hell’s flames serving the enemy of Christ Our Saviour, the one who refused to serve God. By their own insubordination to God’s Will they are just as bad as Satan & being ‘in denial’ will not save them.

  2. Regardless of your thoughts about improving the statement, I think it is highly valuable for a number of reasons.

    For the first time Archibishop Vigano is not alone.

    There are three cardinals signing together with him, and some bishops, and two of them (Lenga and Gracida ) do not recognize Bergoglio as Pope and recognize Benedict XVI, and all of them signed together.

    Some of the prelates are not “perfect” (Nobody is) , but they have signed and we know that is dangerous.

    We (or myself at least) now can see that Cardinal Sarah is quite coward, And almost a traitor to Vigano and that is really important because he was supposed to be better.

    The reaction of the false church shows the document hits Bergoglio and the mafia.
    Archibishop Victor Fernandez has made a statement highly critic to Cardinal Muller showing the Bergoglio’s anger.

    Cardinal Muller has publicy defended Vigano (the main religious enemy of Bergoglio) and publicy attacked the German Bishops.

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