Frank Walker: The Virus Masquerade Mass is the next step toward a Black Mass

Walker’s comments on the New Statement against violation of Church rights, are very worth hearing: it has taken the position of surrender on the Vaccine.

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6 thoughts on “Frank Walker: The Virus Masquerade Mass is the next step toward a Black Mass”

  1. Last night I was telling my daughter I’m having a very hard time convincing myself to attend Mass right now. We received instructions from our parish and will required to wear masks, and before entering, sanitize our hands. No Holy Eucharist by mouth, but put into our hands by the gloved hand of our priest. And we must call before attending Mass as only so many will be allowed, and we must keep 6 ft. distance, and be led in by the usher for seating properly.

    And then this morning I see the topic “Masquerade Mass.” Made me laugh! Just what I was thinking. Not really funny, but very sad.

    Anyone else having a hard time to attend such a Mass? Somehow it seems to me very wrong to act this way at Mass. Maybe even irreverent or worse. I don’t know.

    1. I hold that it is contrary to the faith to celebrate such a mass because:

      1) It is based on a lie, that COVID-19 is dangerous, such that the Mass has to be changed
      2) It is based on the lie, that the God Who gave us the Sacraments is not the God of Life and Health, Who knows best and Who is in control of everything
      3) It violates the Tradition of the Church that the faithful wear masks at Mass, since personal identity and testimony is of the essence of Christian faith and worship

  2. @S. M. This is a good opportunity to switch to the Tridentine Mass. No masquerades allowed. No Holy Communion in the paw.

    Agreed w all of Fra Alexis’s points as well.

    Time to toss the bishops. Not one of whom had lawful authority to cancel a single solitary Mass. Nuremberg Defense?

    1. Beowulf, I hate to say it, but the TLM here at Rome will probably implement the Virus Mass with more rigor than in the NO, because they will feel it necessary to prove that they should not be supressed for disobedience

    2. Br. Beowolf: I checked with a TLM an hour’s drive from my home and they will be following the diocese Bishop’s guidelines which is totally the Masquerade Mass. Of course they say this is “Phase I” of opening up. So very sad. One day I hope to attend Holy Mass again.

  3. It is the Mass to honor Satan, the AntiChrist. Reject the evil of this Big Lie. 6 is the number of the Beast and if a person makes motions indicating that I’m closer than 6 feet or if they say “six feet” I will hold up my crucifix worn around my neck and hold it up as if they’re a vampire in fear of God and Truth.

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