Those who say Benedict renounced validly, now have no credibility

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the characteristics of the damned, is that they cannot repent. They have with a firm will and mind rejected the truth of their sin, forever.

This spiritual state can be arrived at even by those still alive in this world. Saint Alphonsus calls this moral state the state of reprobation. It is a definitive sign of a person who has chosen Hell.

For those who have not fully rejected, yet, God, there is always some uncertainty in their adhesion to evil, some small crack in their heart to open back up to the truth, some place in their mind through which the truth can be heard.

Now I publicly ask the entire Catholic world, and especially the entire College of Cardinals and College of Bishops:

Seeing that Peter Sewald in his new book, Benedickt XVI. Ein Leben, has quoted Benedict XVI saying that it was never his intention to renounce the spiritual mandate of the papacy, and seeing that there is no other mandate which constitute the Papal Office other than the spiritual, it must be confessed by all that Benedict XVI has not renounced the Petrine Munus, the Papal Office, even if he thinks he has or even if he thinks he can renounce part of it, while retaining part of it.

Therefore, are you now going to stand with Christ and return to loyalty to Pope Benedict XVI? or are you going to chose the part of the Father of Lies and continue to insist that the Conclave of 2013 was called during a legal sedevacante?

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8 thoughts on “Those who say Benedict renounced validly, now have no credibility”

  1. Wonder how many takers there will be for this argument Brother?
    But as Bergoglio indicts himself with more heresies and general anti-Catholicism we should hope for more.

  2. That’s right. And they continue to kid themselves and each other by saying that they are being “faithful” to Bergoglio, out of some impossible sense of martyrdom; that they must stand up for the “Holy Father Pope Francis” during this difficult time.

    You’d think they would admit it now after months of an embarrassingly unprecedented worldwide discombobulation of sacraments and liturgical customs that is totally out of their control, but the pride and hubris is astounding…

  3. Yes, PBXVI still holds the Petrine Munus which he acknowledges, so why hasn’t he thought fit to speak publicly on the very grave issues of idolatry, Abu Dhabi Declaration & the vile persecution of Chinese Catholics? It’s one thing holding an Office & another executing it. This whole sordid situation makes no sen se & is definitely of the Devil. Why, Why, Why does PBXVI prefer to speak through journalists & not directly to his flock who have had to witness countless heinous words & actions coming from the Vatican since he chose to release himself from the administrative part of the papacy? Has he no regrets for flying off in a helicopter leaving us all to take the consequences of his action? The lightning strike was for a reason – Heaven’s denouncement of what had happened & what was about to happen as a consequence.

    Can we please beg him to make up his mind & either retire properly in accordance with Canon Law & return to Bavaria, or resume his Petrine Office to the full, appointing sincere Catholic men with no attachments to Freemasonry & who are not Sodomites to help him on the administrative side. He has split the CC in half & the damage being done is astronomical to all mankind. Enough of Marxism , Modernism, NWO godless manoeuvring – we want a truly Catholic Pope guiding us in these End Times. We want our Churches open & the liturgy he so loves mandated & returned to us. We need the Sacraments & for our priests to be available to administer them. We want GOD back in our lives!

    1. “Can we please beg him to make up his mind & either retire properly in accordance with Canon Law & return to Bavaria, or resume his Petrine Office to the full….”

      Well, his continued presence invalidates Bergoglio. That’s worth a whole lot.

  4. Ana, are you sure if PB XVI stood up and denounced Mr. Fraudcis and all his heresies and called for the opening of the churches, it would make any difference for the good? He would be immediately silenced as they silenced Pius XII & JP I (by poison), or Paul VI (by drugging and seclusion) or by bullets as they did JP II. I think we all need to realize, that only if by our silence in face of evil within the Church we lost the privilege of the administrative leadership of our Peter. Jesus often secluded Himself from His own Disciples allowing them to develop their own spiritually. And on opening our churches in our present state It certainly would renew the despicable display of religious hypocrisy of so many priests and bishops. It would renew the widespread sacrilegious communions and the sterile and deceptive absolutions for those with no true awareness of their sins or firm resolve for amendment. I think there is good reason to believe the early testimony of our forsaken Vicar that he was directed by the Holy Spirit remove himself from the active function of the ministry of his office. So much in the present Church I believe must die before the true Church within it emerges triumphant. “Accept a seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

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