At Savona, Police forcibly drag away Elderly woman accused by son of having COVID’19

This is a discussion of the event by an eyewitness and Carol Negri. Negri says Italy is now a police state without any human rights. In the name of the Virus, the government and forces of order are now turned against the people for their destruction.

It is sufficient to hear someone sneeze to have them arrested. It sounds like a novel, but it is the reality, which the government is intending to extend to another 6 months. The real criminals are the government.

The fact that 90% of the people are still wearing the medical masks even though it is not obligatory is inciting some police to act with greater violence knowing that the people can now be abused with impunity.

Negri say the epidemic is over and there is no medical reason to continue the controls.

He then remarks on the absurd statement made by the Italian President, Matarella, tonight on TV, about how Italy will be reborn again, just as she was after the Second World War. He says the comparison is shameful, because those who rebuilt the nation after the war would never have supported the injustices of Matarella’s government. The people now being terrorized will not be able to recover the confidence under this government.

What has destroyed Italy, today, Negri says, is the absurd exaggerated obedience of the masses to the irrational demands of the present government.

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One thought on “At Savona, Police forcibly drag away Elderly woman accused by son of having COVID’19”

  1. Flash forward 12-18 months. Anyone who rejects the Bill Gates Vaccine/Mark of the Beast will be dragged from their homes and subjected to intense pressure to take it. Those who refuse will be decapitated. But don’t worry. Choosing death instead of renouncing Our Lord Jesus Christ guarantees a White Robe of Martyrdom. Frankly, it is probably my best chance of gaining immediate admittance to Heaven. Ave Maria.

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