5 thoughts on “Las irregularidades en el cónclave de 2013”

  1. Well done. I thought these were some interesting highlights in the video:

    1) Minute 4:58 Estefania suggests the changing of the title of the study from “A Definitive Study on the Invalidity” to “A non definitive study because she welcomes anyone who would like to build on their study or would like to provide any input since she thinks the debate must continue. She would like it to be a working document. I really liked her idea.

    2) Minute 9:33 – Estefanía says Bergoglio’s episcopal consecration was never valid since he was a heretic at the time of his consecration, thereby, he was always disqualified for the papacy.

      1. There are loads of videos in Italian & some in Polish without English translations which means that most of your audience cannot understand the content. Please rectify this as it hampers our interest in your website.

      2. Exactly… That’s exactly what I said… I explicitly differentiated the consecration act (a sacramental situation) from the appointment act (an administrative or bureaucratic issue)… The invalidity due to heresy could be configured only with regards to the administrative aspect…

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