Tony Blair wants global political change after COVID-19

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3 thoughts on “Tony Blair wants global political change after COVID-19”

  1. Tony Blair is a Mason of a very high rank. He “converted” to Catholicism. May God have mercy on his soul. He should be in the Hague as a war criminal, along with his buddy, George Bush.

  2. He was received into the CC by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, a member of the Sankt Gallen Group who could also have been a Mason. The Masons are firmly established in the red-hatted community & got their man into the PO by a coup d’etat. The false resignation of PBXVI has to be overturned! PBXVI either returns to resume the papacy or properly retires in accordance with Canon Law & a valid council is called. We cannot continue with the bifurcation of the papacy that PBXVI introduced nor the title of Pope Emeritus. We have an Antipope in residence & he must be denounced & all his appointees, declarations, public & secret agreements, synods etc. declared invalid. The next pope must be required to take the Papal Coronation Oath which should never has been ditched. No Pope is infallible unless speaking ex cathedra though most Catholics through bad catechesis & False Ecumenism have been duped into believing otherwise.

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