FaceBook: The Nazi State of Mark Zuckerberg

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I stay away from Facebook, since I know that like Nazis they will assassinate the social media account of anyone who disagrees with their long term goals of mass manipulation and thought control.

But after 7 years, for the sake of the apostolate, I thought I would return. My presence on Facebook lasted 24 hours, until the Gestapo came for me.

I am now completely banned from using Facebook.

I was identified as a threat to the community. My creation of a page for a Catholic political movement to defend the Catholic Faith in Italy from the dicatorship of Giuseppe Conte was flagged as suspicious. They demanded my photograph and then blocked me for supplying one.

I am now informed that for the protection of the community, I can no longer use Facebook.

It is clear that the dynamic and immediacy of the ban shows that the PRINCIPLE goal of Facebook is political control of the masses. You who may use FB should remember that, you are in a prison of a manipulator who is as cruel and arbitrary as he is an anti-Catholic bigot of the highest level.

As an anthropologist who studies human social relationships, I predict that someday some crazed nut, treated in this manner by FB will do to him in person what he does to millions of his users. The end of every Nazi regime is the same.

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11 thoughts on “FaceBook: The Nazi State of Mark Zuckerberg”

  1. I wonder what it would happen if we stopped all of our communication on the internet, got rid of our cell phones, computers, television, radios, and basically tried to live off the grid as much as possible? In other words, be something like desert monks of old. Would this be escaping reality or finding it?

  2. While the digital age is marvellous in many ways it is ruinous in other respects & abused by the general public who get addicted to it. Like any other addiction it has to be well managed or given-up. I don’t understand how almost all Catholic outlets use Facebook, Twitter & Disqus (Chinese) for their comments section despite many reports from readers requesting them to find some other way forward. Same goes for PayPal who blatantly support Planned Parenthood but seems to be the easiest way of acquiring donations! The money trail always leads to undesirable sources with anti-Catholic agendas.

      1. Why can’t we pay by Transfer or Direct Debit to their bank accounts? It is offered by some sites but by no means all. It doesn’t seem that the Catholic media are as perturbed as they should be about this situation despite the many complaints they keep receiving. iI’s time to do something about it, especially if they want to garner funds for the apostolates.

      2. How about Continue To Give? It’s the payment platform Ann Barnhardt uses. She could probably give you some info.

  3. Continue to Give sounds like our Direct Debit but I have made transfers to some American Catholic websites without any problems. Maybe a way round the situation would be to set up an account in Europe in order to side-step any difficulties. I won’t go to PayPal for obvious reasons.

  4. Oh, it’s so funny – not even 24h! Yes, it’s normal that Facebook block catholic authors to „protect socjety from danger”. THEN it’s not about freedoom of speach. Also – Facebook was made to be addictive. I’d heard, that it’s own founders don’t let their children use it.

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