6 thoughts on “Spiro Skouras: It’s not about a virus, it’s about control”

  1. What an excellent resource this is. Remember, the “second wave” is coming and it will be all about civil unrest, vaccines, surveillance, tracking/contact tracing. Some people really think this is it and we won’t even be able to go to work or own a business if we don’t get their stupid vaccine.

    The second wave will likely come around autumn/fall season, so until then, if and when the restrictions are loosened, that is our window to either get out of the cities (or heavily controlled areas) and move out to lower controlled areas, or start preparing with in-home victory gardens.

    The “next time” can only get worse and worse at this point. We trust in the Lord.

  2. Nothing will get better until the consecration of Russia is carried out according to Our Lady’s wishes. It hasn’t been to date which is abominable & we should be pressing Rome via PBXVI & loyal Cardinals & Bishops to carry out this act immediately & also release the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima.

  3. 4th Sunday of Easter
    10 May MMXX A. D.

    My dear Miss Milan & Fra Alexis–

    On the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.

    In a way the very lack of faithful prelates makes it easy.

    Pope Benedict need only consecrate Russia with all that is the two faithful bishops Lenga and Gracida. I would hope Viganò and all men of good will in the prelature would join. Whether or no is irrelevant. It would finally be done as Our Lady asked.

    B. B.

  4. Addendum

    Whether Benedict has the strength and the will is the question. And of course antipope Francis will do what he can through all means at his disposal including Wormtongue Gänswein to stop Pope Benedict.

  5. Abortion and sodomy alone (sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance), are so deserving of God’s Justice, that do we really believe they will go unpunished before the Consecration of Russia is carried out?

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