Ancient Bolsena Volcano gives ominous sign of Major Earthquake to come in Central Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

May 11, 2020 — 7:50 A. M.:  Yesterday evening the ancient Volcano of Bolsena gave off ominous signs that a major seismic event will soon strike central Italy.

The Volcano which appears on all maps today, as Lake Bolsenna, is approximately 100 KM north of Rome, on the norther borders of the region of Lazio with the regions of Umbria and Toscany. It’s massive crater is the largest in all of Europe, but is now filled with water and is a much desired tourist destination on account of its natural beauty.

According to MeteoWeb.Eu, 12 minor earthquakes struck last night on the northern rim of the crater, round about the town of San Lorenzo Nuovo, from 6:45 PM to 8:03 PM with magnitudes ranging from 0.8 to 2.5 on the Richter Scale.

The Bolsena Volcano is important because it is usually the harbinger of future seismic events in Central Italy, being the first to sound the alarm months, weeks or days in advance.

I was in Bagnoregio in the Summer of 2016, when a series of minor earthquakes occurred on the northern rim of the Bolsena Volcano. Though they caused little or  no damage, the people of Bagnoregio were terribly frightened. Not understanding why, I asked around, and everyone told me that when the Volcano of Bolsena becomes active in such a way as this, it is a sign of much worse earthquakes to come.

In 2016, the people of Bagnoregio were right to trust in this hand-me-down knowledge from their anceteros, because sure enough, weeks later, in mid August, a major earthquake struck central Italy destroying dozens of towns, some wiped off the map, and damaging buildings throughout the region of Umbria and Lazio and Abruzzo. The number of shocks went up to the thousands and continued for months, terrorizing Italians throughout central Italy.

The earthquakes of 2016 occurred, according to seismologists from the impact of the Tyrrhenian plate upon the Adriatic plate at the pressure point near Rieti. At the time the experts concluded the movement was so great that it would portend further earthquakes in Italy. Subsequently, they discovered that the Earthquakes had opened up a fissure in the ground beneath the city of Rome which could be physically measured running all the way from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the central mountains of Italy.

What was the meaning of it all? Italian seismologists had stated that Rome was spared in 2016, but that it would not escape, because the resulting pressures now in Central Italy were such that there would have to soon be an adjustment, that is, another major tectonic movement in the Rome area to compensate.

It remains to be seen, whether the minor shocks on the northern rim of the ancient Volcano of Bolsenna last night, simply forewarned about the 3.3 earthquake which struck north of Rome, this morning at 5:03 A M. local time (UTC +2), or whether they are an ominous sign of a soon to come major earthquake to hit Eternal Rome.

In the mystical visions of Saint Don Bosco he saw the City of Rome destroyed and thousands of dead everywhere. And he saw the Pope, who would restore the Church after the disastrous crisis of Vatican II, consoling the dead and afflicted.

Only God knows the times and places of such things, but it seems that they may be nearer than we have imagined.

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10 thoughts on “Ancient Bolsena Volcano gives ominous sign of Major Earthquake to come in Central Italy”

  1. “Only God knows the times and places of such things, but it seems that they may be nearer than we have imagined.”

    I think you have that right Brother. The concatenation of these destructive events, especially the insane reaction to the virus, surely suggests the hand of God and probably the devil, too, is involved. We can imagine this an open war between good and evil. The coming days will be most challenging. Let us all walk in the hand of God.

    1. We cannot deny that the earthquake this morning is a warning against the Virus Mass which is planned to begin one week from today. As Our Lord’s Resurrection was marked by an earthquake in the morning just before sunrise, so today, Our Lord has awoken the Eternal City to remind them that no influenza can make the Sacraments of His Resurrection dangerous to anyone.

  2. St. Malachy prophesied about the destruction of Rome, forcing the Pope to flee…

      1. Brother, here is the basic Wiki link. Of course, you can probably find his full prophecy in Latin online somewhere. In his section on Petrus Romanus he discusses the destruction of the “city of seven hills”. There is some controversy surrounding his prophecies, but that is not surprising considering the seriousness of the topic. I can’t say with metaphysical certitude that his prophecies are legitimate, but they are certainly worth examining. Especially in these times.

      2. Yes, but in the final verse, about the destruction of the City of the Seven Hills, I think is meant to be a reference to the End of the World, where the cities of sin are destroyed by a devastating earthquake.

      3. I think that is a fair interpretation on its face, Brother. However, it seems to me that Benedict and Francis fulfill the description of the last two Popes. Furthermore, I adhere to what the other Malachy, Malachi Martin, relates about the 3rd Secret of Fatima and the destruction of the Papacy. One thing for sure, seismic activity is increasing worldwide. And I still think we will see a global earthquake of epic proportions this month of May. Certainly Italy/Rome, and all of the Mediterranean nations, are candidates for massive earthquakes and tsunamis. A brief glance at the seismic/volcanic history of the Mediterranean is enough to give anyone pause….I pray I am wrong.

  3. True. However, it also references the last 2 Popes. Many believe they are Benedict and Francis. So it could be that the chronology is somewhat skewed as is common in prophetic writings. As I said, I don’t necessarily adhere to all his predictions, but it is still worth examining.

    1. I would humbly add this: All prophecy, and even The Book of Revelation which is in essence a collection of prophecies, is subject to the Divine Will of God the Father. In His omniscience, He may decide to shorten the chronology of the End Times. Jesus Himself referenced a “shortening of the days” as an act of Divine Mercy. Many prophesied events may occur all at once or one right after the other in a flurry. So it would behoove all of us to live and act as though today was the “last day” lest we be caught “sleeping”.

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