Dr. Shiva warns against Robert Kennedy’s political agenda


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4 thoughts on “Dr. Shiva warns against Robert Kennedy’s political agenda”

  1. Dear Brother Bugnolo, I beg you to dig deeper into Shiva and remove this post until you do. RFK Jr. is a Democrat, yes, but has gone against the D party line and his own family in his defense of children’s health. His work at childrenshealthdefense.org has been a powerful force against the pharmacological and environmental damage that is destroying children worldwide. What good does it do Shiva to try to destroy him? The following link might help:


    Given your work and position in defense of the Catholic you know full well the power and evil of calumny.

    1. Its news, and I did not produce it. Everyone has a right to know what he has said. They can judge if it is calumny, but according to Catholic Teaching on morals, there is no fault in publishing that which is already in the public domain. Please do not assume that I do not know Catholic morals, as I have read Saint Alphonsus Theologial Moralis in the Latin, 4 vols.

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