Avv. Polacco will represent Daniel Musso all the way to the European Court


Daniel Musso is the Italian man who was stopped in the streets of his home town of Ravenusa and forcibly sedated and kidnapped by the police at the command of the Mayor for his political views and taken to a psychiatric clinic where he was held against his will for several days, and against all appeals by his attorney. Even the Tribunal of Agrigento delayed to act. He is now at home. Attorney Polacco promises to represent him to get justice and make all those involved pay.

Second, Attorney Polacco says the the Bishops’ conference was able to convince Conte to allow the Mass to resume on account of the fear Conte has on account of the thousands of Criminal complaints filed by the Attorney and his clients.

Third, Attorney Polacco has filed a civil case against the Government against the Corona controls imposed by the Government.

He says that there may be as many as 100,000 illegal citations issued by the police against the citizens of the country. Tomorrow, he will seek a grand popular petition to the Government against these citations, to declare them null and void.

Fourth, he laments that the Court of Cassazione has decided that the owner of the attic each property along has the right to agree to mouth 5G installations of the building. He says this is a grave judgement, which he cannot criticize as a lawyer, but only as a private citizen, tomorrow.

Fifth, he says that though the Government has promised that medical masks will be offered at the price of a half of a Euro, none have been offered to the public, though the money has been spent.

Finally, he mentions the news that the European Union gave or raised the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation more than 7 Billion euros to develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus.




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