Don Leonardo Ricotta: Do not accept the Virus Mass!


Many rejoice: Yeah! W are reopening the churches (on May 18)! And this is good news but at what price will the churches be reopened?

At price of the profanation of the Eucharist!

At the price of the sacrilege of the Eucharist dropped into the hands!

I thought that communion in the hands, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta said was the greatest evil in the world.

I never thought that there would be something worse.

The devil, you must realize, has a lot of imagination.

Look brothers. God wants nothing more to do with this “Church”.  He is vomiting it from His mouth, this “beautiful church of the Council,” as someone called it. The beautiful church of the Council. God wants nothing more to do with it.

And is destroying it covering it with ridicule. A church that no longer preaches the truth, does not put God in first place. A church that gives communion to remarried divorcees, which admits homosexuality and all the vices.

What will God do with such a church?

With a church which tells you, “You can do whatever you want.”

What will God do with such a church?

It is as if a cop tell the thief, “You can steal is not a crime.” To the drug dealer: “You can do it is not a crime.” To the mafioso: “You can do anything you want is not a crime.”

But a cop like that: what’s the use of him if a cop doesn’t pull out his gun to defend the innocent and fight the wicked. What’s the use of this cop?

But think brothers, really think. Will everything go back to the way it was?

No, no, we are in the midst of the end times. We are in the midst of an great sign.

God is destroying this beautiful church of the council to rebuild the true church the church of tradition, the church of Latin, the church of true spirituality, the church of holy doctrine, the church of the true magisterium and not all the nonsense that we have to listen to every morning.

The Church of Padre Pio, and of all the Saint.

Padre Pio! Padre Pio!  If Padre Pio returned to life, what would he say?

He would immediately die of heat attack again. But first he would have the time to say the two words, that he repeats in his life in the moments of his holy wrath. He was want to use these words. He would say two words. Get out of here! You butchers of the body of Christ! Get out of here! This would Padre Pio say.

So, brothers we must start again, As the spider does day after day with aristocratic detachment and perseverance. We must we must convert to tradition, to Latin, to the true spirituality to the holy doctrine, to the true magisterium, to the Saints.

This is direction of our conversion, pushing ourselves towards the divine things, throwing upwards the anchor of our salvation and of our hope and the tenacious threads of faith, and of a love that does not surrender.

Upwards towards heavenly things! not towards the earth.

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10 thoughts on “Don Leonardo Ricotta: Do not accept the Virus Mass!”

  1. If only PBXVI would receive the necessary enlightenment & courage from the Holy Ghost to reclaim the Seat of Peter & direct those of us who support his right to do so & lead the OHC&A Church of Christ again.

    While this Apostasy is demonic it enfolds all the hierarchy & appears to be part of the Divine Plan which no-one has the authority to diminish. We look to Christ Our King to lift us out of this entrapment by Antipope F & allow us to get on with the full restoration of His Church. This continuing Chastisement feeds the demonic & withholds the Holy Mass & Sacraments from the faithful who don’t want any hand, act or part of it.

  2. Thank you for providing the English translation!

    Is Don Ricotta una cum Benedetto?

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