Vittorio Sgarbi: Everyone who wears the clothing of a Terrorist should be arrested on the spot

Vittorio Sgarbi, the famous Italian MP, denounces the fraud of Silvana Romano, who being captured by Al-Shebab, an Islamic Terrorist Organization in Kenya-Somalia, was ransomed by the Italian Republic. When she returned to Italy some days ago, she was wearing the Burka, and declared that she had converted to Isalm during her captivity. It appears to many observers that the ransom to free her was solicited in bad faith, simply to support a terrorist organization, since having converted, she was in no personal danger. Sgarbi rails against her return to Italy with the Burka, saying that she has insulted the Italian nation who sought her liberty, when clearly she did not want it. His main point, is that anyone wearing the garb of an Islamic Terrorist organization should be arrested on the spot, and not allowed entrance into Italy. He presupposes that the kind of Burka Silvana Romano now wears is such a habit.

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