Dr. Dolores Cahill: there is no need for the Lock-down!


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5 thoughts on “Dr. Dolores Cahill: there is no need for the Lock-down!”

  1. Another excellent portrayal of how the NWO are hell-bent on controlling the world population with the complete backing of MSM, Vatican, UN, EU etc. by whatever means possible. We have been abandoned by our Church, our politicians, broadcasters & the money we have been paying towards our priests, schools, media, civil service, politicians, research facilities etc. through our taxes & donations has been used to bolster people like Gates, Soros, Vatican, UN & its organisations, EU etc.& not to provide a better quality of living for their citizens.

    It is very necessary for the public to be made totally aware of the evil that lies behind the sinister threats being promulgated by these monsters. Collectively we need to resist, & the first demand we should make is the immediate re-opening of all CC Churches & the public scrapping of the secret agreement with the CCP. We should then progress to demand the consecration of Russia &, appropriately at this time, the revelation of the Third Secret of Fatima. Make the Vatican Catholic again, as Fulton Sheen said it is up t the Laity to save the Church, but we must be in unison & not scattered in different groups – that is a trick by Satan.

    Secularist/Liberal governments must be eradicated if peace is to be afforded us, as these Communists hate anyone with other opinions bar their own & target them with hate threats. Their first priority is to abolish religion. No voter can evade responsibility for whom they vote. Think hard before you exercise that right. Unsupported threats against the opposition together with unsupported economic forecasts in their own favour is an immediate red flag. Abortion, Euthanasia (Covd.19), Zero Hour wages, transparent working of our Health Care, are an essential of public welfare & should not involve partisan politics so a complete overhaul of our Civil & Human Rights & Government Policies should now be a priority.

    God Bless all those who are prepared to put their heads above the parapet & their professionalism on the line. I appreciate your moral courage in doing so & only wish our PBXVI & prelates would follow suit.

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