Mark Millward: Linkedin Conference on the truth about Covid-19

Are we being gaslighted?

by Mark Millward

Managing Director of Millward Associates Ltd
a UK based retail & consumer research consultancy.


Global Gaslighting 3. These numbers don’t add up.

Day 1 we established that high functioning psychopaths are in high concentrations amongst the political, corporate and financial elite. Because the levers of power are attractive to unscrupulous narcissists who trample on everyone to gain wealth & power. See here if you missed it: Global Gaslighting 1. Psychopath or Sociopath?

Day 2, I presented evidence that narcissists are pathological liars who, when confronted with their lies double down – exactly the opposite of what normal people do. We normies are too easily blown off track because “we don’t operate like that” so struggle to understand that there really are people with power who do evil & lie shamelessly to achieve wealth & power. See my post here: Global Gaslighting 2. Duper’s Delight

Today I want to introduce information, collated from around the world from experts in virology (study & treatment of viruses), pulmonology (study & treatment of respiratory tract disease) and epidemiology (the science of how disease is communicated).

Swiss Propaganda Research collates reliable time-series information on all reported medical facts concerning Covid19. With links to the original sources, including medical journals and interviews with the experts.

Numerous eminent virologists, pulmonologists and epidemiologists have said that nothing outside of the ordinary is happening this year in terms of disease transmission and death. And yet, the mainstream media is amplifying the #FEARPORN narrative at screaming pitch.

A little English GP colour for those who like a reassuring bedside manner: Dr Vernon Coleman

Do we want this as a model for government?

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