Radio Tender: Gilet Arancioni, their Agenda for the Orange Revolution in Italy


Radio Tender è il canale ufficiale dei Gilet Arancioni
per gli eventi di 30 Maggio e del 2 Giugno.

Summary in English

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Part I

The first to speak is Attorney Antonello Secchi, a Sardinian, Knight of Malta and devout Catholic, veteran and official legal counsel for the Gilet Arancioni (Orange Vests), who accompanied Generale Pappalardo during the citizen arrests of Matterrela, Lorenzin and Boldrini, as reported on this morning. Secchi says all the rights of the citizens have been annulled by the dictatorship of Conte. The objectives of the Gilet Arancioni are to remove from power the illegitimately elected politicians (those elected since 2007), by means of a public vote of impeachment against them. They want the ruling government to resign, including the President of the Republic, on the grounds of being elected unconstitutionally, as I explained regarding the decision of the Constitutional Court of 2014. The proposal is one which is completely peaceful and democratic, according to Attorney Secchi.

The next to speak is Amico Fabrizio, of Turin, who is the leader of Gilet Arancioni in the Piedmont. He gives contact information in the video. The manifestation will be concentrated on Turin, not in the other provinces of Piedmont.

Then, to speak is the leader of Gilet Arancioni in Lombardy, Paolo Maucheri, of Monte Brianza. He gives his contact information in the video. He says that a great number of citizens are joining the Gilet Arancioni in his region. He says that Italians are living in a fake democracy, wherein democracy is merely a mask for a dictatorship.

Then, he mentions the committee in Val d’Aosta is not functioning.

From the Veneto, speaks next, Iliana, who asks for more support from the region of Venice. She gives her contact in formation in the video. They will organize a protest at Venice on May 30.

For the region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, there speaks Alessandro Peppere, who says that the Gilet Arancioni works for a rebirth of their country.  They will hold a protest at Udine and Trieste on May 30.

For the Trentino-Alto Adige, there speaks Renato, who gives his contact info in the Video. They will protest at Trento and Bolzano on May 30.

Next, for the region of Emilia-Romano, there speaks Stefano, who says that Italia must be liberated from this insupportable dictatorship of Giuseppe Conte. He invites all to come to Rome on June 2, and appeals to all so that the liberty of all not be robbed by this government. They will protest at Bologna on May 30. He gives his contact info in the video.

Then, for the region of Tuscany, there speaks Massimo, who gives his contact info in the video. They will hold a protest at Florence on May 30.

Here the host, Luigi says that Facebook has erased his profile from their platform to silence him. And so this seems to be a political objective of FB in their effort to support the dictatorship in Italy.

Then, for the region of Abruzzo, there speaks Giovanna Bartolomeo, of Patrizione the province of Pescara, they will protest at Pescara on May 30. She gives his contact info in the video. We need to support the elderly, the young, the workers and business men, she ends saying.

Then, for the region of Basilicata, there speaks Giuseppe, who gives his contact info in the video. He calls on all to wake up to the effort to brain wash the nation. On May 30 they will protest at Potenza and Matera.

Then, there speaks for Lazio Silvano, who gives his contact info in the video. On May 30 they will organize a protest with members from all the provinces of the region in a piazza near EUR, but does not specify to prevent persecution by the police. He says that the Romans need to not shame themselves by not showing up on June 2. If they do not show up, this will be the last chance for liberty in Italy. He is an admirer of the Templars.

Then, there speaks for the region of Campania, of which Naples is the capital, Raffaele Fontenella, who gives his contact info in the video. On May 30, they will protest at Piazza del Plebiscito, at Naples.  They have organized a group of lawyers, doctors and many associations to support the protest and many groups of women.

Then, for the region of Puglia, there speaks Rocco, who gives his contact info in the video. On May 30 they will protest with hundreds of businessmen and professionals in every city of the Regione and go to Rome against this dictatorial regime.

Then, for the region of Sicily, there speaks Francesco, who gives his contact info in the video. He says Sicilians are responding with great interest because they are the most victimized by the system. The entrance of illegal immigrants has never stopped during the Quarentine, even though Italians were prohibited from leaving their own homes. On May 30 he says they will protest at Palermo, Catania, Agrigenta, Ragusa etc..

Then, for the region of Calabria, there speaks Giuseppe, who gives his contact info in the video. They will protest on May 30 at Cosenza, Crotone and Reggio. My reason for joining this movement, he says, is that with this effort we can do something other than a coup d’etat, because other than this there is no other hope for Italy. He says it is a historical moment can bring us to something hopeful.

Then, for the region of Sardegna, there speaks Antonio Luigi, from Barbagia, who gives his contact info in the video. On May 30 they will protest at Cagliari and possibly also at Sassari. This movement is necessary to restore our liberty, which has been trampled upon in the name of protecting our health.

The host says he will publish the contact information for Umbria and the other regions.

Part II

Then there speaks General Pappalardo, who opens by saying that as national leader of the Carabinieri he has visited all the regions of Italy and is impressed by the universal love for Italy. He urges everyone to join in the protests on May 30 and vote for the impeachment of the government and president and to call for new parliamentary elections. He wants the movement to vote for 200 interm parliamentarians who will make corrections to the political order, and only take a salary of 3000 euros a month as a stipend. He invites all the other parties to join in the protests of May 30 and June 2.

The host says that they must oppose the MES and the efforts of the Government to submit to further controls from the European Union.

He wants the interm parliament to print 700 Billion of the new Lira to pay 1500 euros to each citizen who lost his job during the Corona Controls.

He then says that the police have not been fairly paid for 10 years. He speaks as a former union leader for the Carabinieri. He wants to double the salary of the police man.

He then appeals to all the police to support the People and be near them to protect them on these days of protest. He wants that the leaders of the police which have ordered the violation of the constitutional rights of citizens be removed, but not the subordinates.

The host then speaks of the Italian secret police (DIGOS), many of whom he says are truly patriots and honest men and women.

General Pappalardo then urges the DIGOS to stop playing politics.

The host then says that the General has been harassed by the State Police because he is a person who cannot be bought or controlled other than with intimidation.

The General then, again, by urging the Carabinieri to join the people and warns the Procurators not to use the state police to suppress dissidents.

The host reminds everyone to wear a white T-Shirt with Articolo 21 written on it.

General Pappalardo then says that the Euro was introduced under the promise to make a united Europe which was never done. He wants to give the EU the ultimatum to make a United States of Europe within 12 months or Italy will leave the union. He wants to transform Italy into a nation of peace and withdraw all foreign missions of the Italian military. He says Italy is the heirs of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Religion and therefore Italy should not submit to foreign political influence. Italy must be built upon these two pillars of their history, and serve its own people, with excellent in hospitals and care for the elderly, the purity of food, the elimination of cancer, the elimination of 5G and the control of radiation in retail appliances etc..

The host then asks if anything violent befalls him or the movement, what does he thinks the response should be. The General says that the police are mostly honest and will not use violence. The host worries that some who serve the regime will. He says that the movement should not stop no matter what may happen to the General. The General agrees that the movement will go forward no matter what.

The host then opines that if Italy is liberated by the people it will inspired like movements around the world, since Italians have never done anything for themselves.

The General Pappalardo says he says Lauds every morning and prays and reads the Gospel before going to bed each night.

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  1. If the Italians are successful in impeaching the Conte government it certainly will be followed by more countries in Europe & elsewhere. The only personal desire of the movement I hope doesn’t come true is the desire for a United States of Europe. The EU, as it has functioned since the early 70’s, has been run only for the welfare of the Germans & French & has brought upon us all the Immigration fiasco, the Euro, drastic job cuts especially in the poorer regions & too much interference in the economies, cultural life & policies of their membership.

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