Sgarbi: Chiedo il ripristino dei diritti costituzionali, la fine del fascismo!

Comments made in the Italian Parliament tonight, May 13, 2020.

The famous Italian Member of Parliament denounces the efforts of the Government of Conte to put into law the decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers, when the medical facts show that the epidemic has ended!

He praises the intervention of Meloni, who demands that the lives of the citizens not be sacrificed for the political correctness of the government.

Giorgia Meloni is asked about the new decree by the Government, which has kept it secret from the Parliament:

In this interview, she also condemns the decision of the Government which has refused to help Italian farmers financially, but today has announced an effort to put 600 thousand foreigners to work in the Agricultural Sector, where Italians are forbidden to work there!

Meloni ends by saying that the Parliament as presently constituted has no hope of helping Italy. She says there must be new elections, and thus ends agreeing, in principle, with General Pappalardo.

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