The Dictatorship of Giuseppe Conte has intentionally used fear to increase control

Here is an English translation of the principal part of the transcript:

Here are De Rita’s words read by Ilario Di Giovambattista during the live broadcast of Radio Radio Lo Sport.

“I’m convinced of it. It’s not a random mechanism, but a chosen one. If I feed more and more fear, people do as I say. But it’s not just an Italian mechanism, it’s used in England and other countries. A communication that creates a suspended time, in which no one says exactly what will happen.

And this can only increase fear. Do you think it is possible that in fact the virologists or a technical committee should say if and when a football championship can start, or open a school. A centralization of power has been created, at least on the indication of the behavior to follow.

I have always argued that this type of data should be communicated by #Istat, which has at least a scientific culture of statistics and interpretation. It would have been better, but #Istat was kept out of it, even though I think it was the main source of that information. Communicating the number of deaths or #counted, doesn’t make us understand what’s behind that data. Dry numbers, lacking statistical and qualitative analysis, create more fear in an emergency situation that has concentrated power in scientific committees, commissioners, task forces”.

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