Spiro Skouras: Trump says will use Military to distribute 300 Million VACCINES to US residents


Needless to say, the natural law gives every human being the right of self defense, and in particular to use lethal force to prevent himself from being injected with a dangerous material of any kind. It certainly looks like, that if Trump forces the vaccine, American Citizens will have to start a Second Revolution.

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8 thoughts on “Spiro Skouras: Trump says will use Military to distribute 300 Million VACCINES to US residents”

  1. I hate to say, most people are going to give into the pressure of getting a vaccine for the sake of being able to survive. I rather die than get a forced vaccine.

      1. It is worse than that, Brother. This “vaccine” will be accompanied by the insertion of a microchip. They will say it is the only way they can “track” who has received it. Without that microchip a person will not be able to buy, sell, travel, bank, work, attend school, receive medical care or even attend the Virus Mass. This is The Mark of the Beast.

      2. Catholicus,

        You will often see me respond to one aspect of a question. I do not deny that if the vaccine has a chip init or imprints a number upon the one receiving it that it takes on apocalyptic and diabolic significant. I just wanted to point out that on the most basic natural level it should be refused in principle and with force if necessary.

      3. I agree. There are multiple levels to this vaccine. Not the least of which is its manipulation of RNA/DNA.

    1. I agree. I have travelled in Apocalyptic Catholic circles for more than 2 decades. I am shocked at how many people I know who are cognizant of the danger of the Mark of the Beast yet are willing to acquiesce to this fictional vaccine. As Brother said before, the number of people who will resist the Antichrist is very small indeed…

  2. I’ll die before I let them insert me with the Mark of the Beast microchip with this bogus “vaccine”. Bring on the matte-black Government guillotines. See all of you here on FromRome in heaven. Ave Maria.

  3. Reports are out that the reason Italy was so bad was due to a toxic flu vaccine riddled with H1N1 and several strains of canine corona virus. And they want to poke us with more poison? I wonder how many who died were given the flu vaccine? I wonder if the World Health leaders planned to do this so they could get money, power, control etc

    I’m an American and I won’t let anyone near me with that poison stick. Vaccinations have killed, maimed and sterilized countless people and the companies who make them are not liable in any way.

    Maybe this is the sifting of the wheat we have read about in Scripture…all I know is that we are living in utterly insane times and MUST stay confessed/act of contrition. God bless~

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