Avvocato Polacco: Italian Government extends Corona Emergency another 6 months!


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

An English summary of the points made by Attorney Polacco regarding the new laws of May, 10, 2020,  and that published last night, on May 14.

The government has extended the state of emergency until Dec. 31, 2020, with the suspension of all constitutional rights and the capacity of Conte’s government to rule by dictatorial decree.

In this new decree of Conte, in Article 23, more than 50 million euros given to the police to cover their extra work to enforce the dictatorial decrees of the government.

The majority of all of these decrees of Giuseppe Conte are illegitimate and I will seek to have them impugned in tribunal, says the Attorney.

The Government in Article 183, named with the English title, “Tax Credit”, promises 500 euro per family, but in the following section uses devious terminology to prevent anyone from getting the money. In reality, it is not money for families, but rather a discount to the hotel owner (who can only use 80%), who agrees to accept it, to use the value of the service rendered to acquire a tax credit against the taxes due on his income for the 2020 tax year. So in truth no one gets any money.

In the law of May 10, 2020, ISTAT, the Italian Statistical Institute is authorized to collect all the personal information of citizens including, information regarding who has parental care of each citizen, the Social Security Number (Codice Fiscale) their genetic code, while taking a blood test! And authorizes phone companies to surrender information about their clients without consent of the users.

Attorney Polacco says he is trembling with fear about this unlimited authorization for information acquisition since it appears that it is intended to facilitate the snatching of children from families throughout Italy. He says this decree of May 10 is aberrant.

Polacco says everyone needs to wake up and realize that the Government is not joking.

Last night, the Attorney says he did a hour show with Attorney Musso, the brother of the man who was forcible taken to a psychiatric center for the crime of using a megaphone to denounce the falsehoods of the government, at the order of the Mayor his political opponent.

In addition, the Government has decreed that Italians can go to the beach, only to swim, not to stand in the water. But IF THEY SEE SOMEONE DROWNING they are FORBIDDEN to save the one drowning, lest anyone catch the Virus! Everyone at the beach must stay 33 feet (10 meters) from one another!

Finally, he quotes a member of the Italian Parliament who affirmed that in October, 2019, when the infection broke out, 10 thousand 5G towers were erected in the province of Wuhan, China.

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After hearing Attorney Polacco comment on the new Law for Corona Response, it remains clear that the only way back to liberty for Italians is revolution.

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  1. These infernal NWO Totalitarians are adamant in provoking WWIII. Nothing is going to stop them but full on rebellion in which they hope that hundreds of thousands (at least) will die & leave behind a devastation unknown in recent history. Conte & his government have no morals nor concern for their citizens & have manipulated their ascent to power to procure the control they need to make law their dastardly intentions on the population. This has been made possible by the evil dictatorship we have in the Vatican who are hand in glove with this present regime whose intentions are to smash our Human & Civil Rights written into our constitutions & replace them with tyranny.

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