Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation: The complete documentary series

As a handy too for sharing, FromRome.Info
has embedded into this one post
the entire 7 part Documentary

On Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation

The Facts, the Laws & the Consequences

Screenshot_2020-04-14 Pope Benedict XVI's Renunciation -- the Documentary

The click the image above to go to the Playlist, where you can watch in order all 7 of the 20-30 minute episodes.

This documentary demonstrates conclusively and from all the public evidence, that Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope and that the College of Cardinals is involved in a conspiracy against him.

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One thought on “Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation: The complete documentary series”

  1. This is a godsend.

    Already, your one-page ‘Index to Pope Benedict’s Renunciation’ holds everything any person of good will could possibly need to understand and appreciate the monumental importance of Pope Benedict’s act of Feb. 11, 2013.

    And now, to see you explain it all so clearly and briefly, and with such ease, only further confirms the sheer sanity of the position.

    Truth does indeed set us free. May Our Lord Jesus Christ grant us the holy love of Truth, through His Blessed Mother Mary.

    Deo gratias.

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