The Deep State has executed a coup d’etat in the USA

The ability to grab the browser history of anyone in the U.S.A. gives the FBI and CIA the ability to blackmail 10s of millions of citizens, and to use that leverage to control the rest of the nation.

But worse, it gives them ability to know what you have read and which social media platforms you are active on.

It is time to set your browser to erase all history files every time you close it and use a program such as CC Cleaner to erase your useless files before turning your computer off every day.

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2 thoughts on “The Deep State has executed a coup d’etat in the USA”

  1. I bet this is already going on since Google and the Deep State are in kahoots. Making it legal would only be a formality?

  2. Em S is right.

    Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you clear your local browser every day or even every minute.

    There will be logs correlating your IP address – as assigned by your mobile or broadband service provider to your device(s) – to the sites you browsed.

    You may help yourself further by using TOR browser and a VPN, but even though using both of these measures will certainly put you in the most difficult 2 million of internet users, even they may not be enough if you are considered enough of a threat.

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