General Pappalardo: On June 2, we shall occupy every piazza of Rome!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video, published hours ago, General Pappalardo clarifies that Salvini and Meloni have made no agreement with the Gilet Aranciani to use the Piazza del Popolo. Claims to the contrary are false. He has attempted to contact both of them to understand their intentions.

He emphasizes that Gilet Arancioni will offer an electronic way of voting on May 30, so that by the show of millions of votes, they will have garnered the mantle of moral right to act.

He urges the citizens not to fear the police who attempt to stop them from assembling or traveling to Rome. If the police attempt to stop them, he says the people should make citizen arrests (Penal Code 383) of each policeman for a crime against the constitutional right of the people to assemble. If conflicts arise, he says, Let them arise. Police who attempt to stop the people are to be put in handcuffs by the people.

He says the People will not support any more dictatorship. Italy is a democracy.

Viva Italia, che vincerà! —  Long live the Italy, which shall overcome! He says at the end.

This discourse seems to be a response to the challenge made by this government, here at Rome, today at noon, by the excessive show of force against a small protest.

All I can say, is that the Gilet Arancioni better purchase about 20,000 pairs of hand cuffs.

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