“Non è La Radio” intervenes General Pappalardo, May 16

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a summary of the comments made by General Pappalardo.

He says the government needs to go to jail for all the deaths during the crisis. He decries the closing all the economy instead of the regions hard hit by it. The order to cremate the bodies, he calls the most barbaric practice.

He faults the government for heeding the advice of Burioni, who is not even a virologist.

General Pappalardo decries the economy slaughter of Sicily which had no cases.

He says he personally has nothing against Conte, but he says he should resign and is not capable of being a leader.

He asserts that he is not like a common citizen who is terrified by the authorities, and that is why he came back from working in Tunisia without fear of being arrested.

He holds that the government is instilling fear of the virus returning because they are committed to buying useless vaccines. And he implies that the politicians involved in these decisions are getting kickbacks from the manufacturers.

He calls on Italians to reject all vaccines for COVID-19.  Eat well, get sun and eat things with vitamin C, as we always have done, says the General.

“We are dead, from the economic point of view,” says the General.

Then he says, “How can you go ahead with such a government as this”. To which he responds that is why the Gilet Arancioni has called for a protest. A vote on May 30, to vote for 200 members of a provisional parliament, to decree a new law for elections and to print 700 Billion in the new Lira, which will have the same value as the Euro, to reimburse every citizen.

He cites European Law which allows Italy to print a parallel currency.

He wants Conte and Burioni brought to justice.

He says Italian citizens should not fear and that he will give them his protection.

His party is writing a letter to all the Procurators (District Attorneys) in Italy, urging them to do their duty, protect the people, respect the Constitution.

He says that Conte does not know how to govern. He says one thing, does another, then changes what he says, does not keep his promises.

He says he does not want acts of violence. To use violence is to be wrong. It is the government which is wrong.

He reaffirms that Mattarella is not the President of the Country on account of the fact that he was elected as such by a Parliament which had 250 members who were not yet convalidated in their recent election victories, by the Parliament.

He says that the Italian People cannot endure more of this government, which has used such force against the common citizen for holding a barbecue, or going to the beach, in a way they have never has done to the Mafia of Calabria and Sicily.

At the end he says that the Protest at Rome on May 30 will be held in the Palazzo dello Sport, in the South of Rome, EUR district, which the General calls by its old name, PalaLottamatica, though it is not clear whether he means that it will be held inside or outside the facility.

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