At Fatima, they have enthroned the Virus-Sacrament to be worshiped

This is a horrible sacrilege. Crucifying Our Lord on political correctness, by using a monstrance where instead of light rays which by nature are straight, a monstrance with twisted virus like appendages.

This is the liturgical equivalent of giving the middle finger to faithful Catholics who are devoted to Our Lord and have complained about being denied the Sacrament of the Altar during the crisis.

It is as if to say, like Aaron in the Old Testament, when he apostasized and made the golden calf: Behold, O Israel, this is your god! Bow down and worship.

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3 thoughts on “At Fatima, they have enthroned the Virus-Sacrament to be worshiped”

    1. So he knew back then, and was giving a signal to the NWO powers he had joined in the plan? — Questions like this rise up with all the revelations in recent weeks.

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