Circuit Board for 5G Tower has “COV-19” written on it?

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This video turns out to be a clever psyop, like many of those produced in the last 15 years, which plays on what you expect, but leaves enough information so that the MSM can later debunk it.

The purpose of these tricks on the internet are to reconfirm that the MSM is trustworthy and that those who disbelieve the narrative are unstable in their judgments.

They are cleverly designed by persons who love to deceive. And the fact that they do prove to be false and are always uncovered by MSM outlets which are habitual liars, shows you how much they love playing tricks, on both sides of the fence, against common people.

The code word for revealing a psyop is Fact-Checking.

You can read the Reuters report debunking this video here. And their debunk is so accurate, it makes you think that they worked closely with the author of the video.

It is always noteworthy that the MSM love to debunk these things, but NEVER investigates who produced them. That information they do not want you to know. They only want you to know that you are a fool for believing in it.

By this they want to spark depression and anger and break down your self-confidence, and detach you from information sources which are opposing globalism.

It’s an offensive strategy by a group which hates humanity.

The producers of the video are experts, as you can see in the way they set the video with all the things to signal that it is trust worthy: hard hat, orange vest, Cell tower, workers truck, medical mask, person with a worker’s accent. What is said and how it is said.


It will be useful to remember who founded Reuters News Agency. Wikipedia says:

Paul Julius Reuter worked at a book-publishing firm in Berlin and was involved in distributing radical pamphlets at the beginning of the Revolutions in 1848. These publications brought much attention to Reuter, who in 1850 developed a prototype news service in Aachen using homing pigeons and electric telegraphy from 1851 on in order to transmit messages between Brussels and Aachen,[2] in what today is Aachen’s Reuters House.

Reuter moved to London in 1851 and established a news wire agency at the London Royal Exchange. Headquartered in London, Reuter’s company initially covered commercial news, serving banks, brokerage houses, and business firms.[2] The first newspaper client to subscribe was the London Morning Advertiser in 1858, and more began to subscribe soon after.[2][3] According to the Encyclopædia Britannica: “the value of Reuters to newspapers lay not only in the financial news it provided but in its ability to be the first to report on stories of international importance.”[2] Reuter’s agency built a reputation in Europe and the rest of the world as the first to report news scoops from abroad.[4] It was the first to report Abraham Lincoln‘s assassination in Europe, for instance, in 1865.[2][4]

So Paul Reuter was a marxist revolutionary, before becoming a “journalist”.

But he was also a Jew, and quite a clever “investor”:

Reuter was born as Israel Beer Josaphat in Kassel, Germany.[4]. His father, Samuel Levi Josaphat, was a rabbi. His mother was Betty Sanders. In Göttingen, Reuter met Carl Friedrich Gauss, who was experimenting with the transmission of electrical signals via wire.

On 29 October 1845, he moved to London, calling himself Julius Josaphat. On 16 November 1845, he converted to Christianity in a ceremony at St. George’s German Lutheran Chapel in London,[2] and changed his name to Paul Julius Reuter. One week later, in the same chapel, he married Ida Maria Elizabeth Clementine Magnus of Berlin, daughter of a German banker.

A former bank clerk, in 1847 he became a partner in Reuter and Stargardt, a Berlin book-publishing firm. The distribution of radical pamphlets by the firm at the beginning of the 1848 Revolution may have focused official scrutiny on Reuter. Later that year, he left for Paris[5] and worked in Charles-Louis Havas‘ news agency, Agence Havas, the future Agence France Presse.

As telegraphy evolved, Reuter founded his own news agency in Aachen, transferring messages between Brussels and Aachen using carrier pigeons and thus linking Berlin and Paris. Speedier than the post train, pigeons gave Reuter faster access to financial news from the Paris stock exchange. Eventually, pigeons were replaced by a direct telegraph link.[6]

A telegraph line was under construction between Britain and Europe, and so Reuter moved to London, renting an office near the Stock Exchange. In 1863, he privately erected a telegraph link to Crookhaven, the farthest south-west point of Ireland. On nearing Crookhaven, ships from America threw canisters containing news into the sea. These were retrieved by Reuters and telegraphed directly to London, arriving long before the ships reached Cork.

In 1872, Nasir al-Din Shah, the Shah of Iran, signed an agreement with Reuter, a concession selling him all railroads, canals, most of the mines, all the government’s forests, and all future industries of Iran. George Curzon called it “The most complete and extraordinary surrender of the entire industrial resources of a kingdom into foreign hands that has ever been dreamed of”.[7] The Reuter concession was immediately denounced by all ranks of businessmen, clergy, and nationalists of Persia, and it was quickly forced into cancellation.

On 17 March 1857, Reuter was naturalised as a British subject. On 7 September 1871, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha granted him the noble title of Freiherr (Baron).[1] In November 1891, Queen Victoria granted him (and his subsequent male-line successors) the right to use that German title (listed as “Baron von Reuter”) in Britain.[1][8]

So now you can see why Reuters debunked the video, and what reason they might have had to create or finance the creation of the video itself.

I am not a betting man, but if I were to wager on who this actor is in the video, I would wager that he has some personal and financial relationship with Thompson Reuters Inc., either directly or through relatives or friends or employers.

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8 thoughts on “Circuit Board for 5G Tower has “COV-19” written on it?”

    1. The military application probably uses much higher power levels to achieve that effect. Even Microwave which has been used communications for decades can cook you if you stood right infront of the white cone transmitter.

      1. The evil-doers will simply ramp up the EMP level when the time is right, and they are ready to manipulate the masses. These 5G towers are there for one reason, and one reason only – to control people.

      2. You simply cannot ramp up the power of a tower to the heights of levels required to heat the skin, you would have to redesign all the electronics and redo all the wiring.

  1. That’s an awful video. Can it not be made at least audible . Don’t know what he’s saying.
    Remember the Titanic had “To Hell with the Pope” on its side & sank on its first journey. Maybe Covid-19 is set to go on a similar trip?

    1. It is audible, but you have to be a fluent English speaker to understand his heavy accent, which sounds Irish or British of some kind — I am not an expert on region accents.

  2. Chris look!!! Oh how I pray all our prayers are not in vain and all this ugliness gets obliterated!!!

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