Eye-witness retells the Deceit used by Police at Rome to Sequester hundreds of Citizens on May 16, 2020


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is an English summary of the comments. This regards the video, which FromRome.Info published yesterday, here.

The second woman to speak says she was walking in the Piazza del Popolo with some others, asking citizens to participate in the May 30 and June 2 events organized by the Gilet Arancioni, lead by General Pappalardo, who is the third from the left in this video.

Then the piazza filled with police. She spoke with some State Police and asked why all these police were there. And the police man told her, “Do not worry. They are not here for you. There is a problem in another part of the city nearby.” The police then asked those in the piazza to leave along the Via Nazionale. When they had entered they proceeded down the street and found that it was blocked with riot police. When they turned around, they found that they were now blocked in Via Nazionale from the back by riot police.

As can be seen in the video, linked in the first sentence, here above, the police then asked everyone for their identification papers and it appears they arrested all of them.

I believe that this event was a TEST of police force, and will show what they will do on June 2.

The eye-witness then says this manner of behaving is not a that of a democracy, but of a true dictatorship.

This trick has caused several party leaders of Gilet Arancione to resign out of fear. The President of Lombardy and the Secretary of Latina, have both resigned. So relates, General Pappalardo, who warns the police to stop playing politics. And promises that police which act this way on June 2 will be arrested in virtue of Article 383 of the Penal Code, which authorizes citizens to arrest criminals in actu flagrante.

General Pappalardo, then, among other things, says that when the government acts like this they have admitted to the whole world that they have lost the right to govern in the eyes of the people.

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