How you have already become a slave in the New World Order

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The New World Order is the Masonic objective for humanity. A world in which all are enslaved in a political-economic system which is predicated upon the denial of the existence of God, the exaltation of wilfulness to permit all kinds of moral depravity, and the absolute impossibility of the masses to resist or break free.

The objectives of this plan are already being achieved. Some have been attained, others are nearly obtained, and still others are some time off.

But the worst of them has already been achieved.

I speak of the neutralization of all opposition.

And the instrument for this is Social Media addiction.

Social Media addiction is perhaps the worse of any kind of addiction and the one which nearly no one is capable of recognizing let alone breaking free from. It consists in the practical redefinition of personal identity, as a free human person who can go and do and say what he wants wherever, to a social media profile which only says what the social media platform considers acceptable and does nothing but chat all day long, like a prisoner in a dungeon, who can do nothing but eat, sleep and only speak with those next to him.

The sign of imprisonment in this Social Media world is that no matter what might be suggested to the denizens of this hell on earth, they no longer want to do anything in the real world. Rather, their existence is continued through a series of likes, shares, comments, online petitions, public letters, and photos, essays and videos designed to garner that inter personal affirmation that they have rejected in the real world, but as human beings still need if even in some virtual reality.

You can test the truth of this thesis in this way.

Let everyone on social media know how to contact you in the real world, by address and phone number, and then announce you are no longer going to use Social Media again, ever, and that your friends can visit you in person or call you, if they would like to hear from you.

How many of your social media friends will remain friends? How many will call and visit you? How many will agree to join any association or effort you organize?

Let me make a bet. Zero.

And why is that?

Because the habitual use of the internet and social media over the last  15 years has addicted everyone to its use and caused them to abandon real human relationships.

And this is the perfect victory of the Freemasons, because now humanity can no longer resist their revolution, nay they have tacitly renounced the very humanity upon which liberty is based.

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4 thoughts on “How you have already become a slave in the New World Order”

  1. “But the worst of New World Order objective has already been achieved.”

    I think the worst of them is the neutralization of opposition and the conversion of the Catholic Church to the New World Order which is supposed to be God’s representative on earth for proclaiming Truth on earth.

  2. At this point I believe another Carrington Event level solar flare would be a welcome event in that it would shut down all of this Satanic Artificial Intelligence technology and force people to come face to face with God the Father.

  3. That’s absolutely right. Brother Bugnolo. Most people already live as children of the Antichrist, as offspring of the serpent, and don’t even know it, but they certainly sense it because God gave each individual a conscience. It’s only a matter of how far the will continue letting the system of the Antichrist take them. There’s no denying we are all part of this sytem, but we must not be of it. We use cell phones for daily business and to wage war against the offspring of satan and their lies, but we are always vulnerable to the temptations of the same.

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