Police Officer: The Corona Stunt has been the biggest power grab in history


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3 thoughts on “Police Officer: The Corona Stunt has been the biggest power grab in history”

  1. What an honorable and praiseworthy officer! May the Lord protect and preserve his family and the work he does to defend the citizens that He has placed under this officer’s watch.

  2. I am ex-military. Perhaps it colors my thinking about the current Church crisis, but also America’s political and legal crisis. This video’s message is spot on. So glad to see this spreading.

    One thing in particular this *outstanding* Officer says is crucial to clarifying how we should respond to orders and laws: “I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    I did not join the military to serve Ronald Reagan and his will against all enemies foreign and domestic. As this Police Officer says – I committed via oath to defend, at the cost of my life if need be, the Constitution. The President, Legislators, Judges, Councilmen all take similar oaths of … (wait for it) …. *Office*.

    There is a structure, external to the Office holder, that reigns supreme over us as citizens of this nation. We have this in common, whether we are in the field of combat, or in the Oval Office, or on the streets of Brooklyn, or in the Halls of Congress (etc). We jointly assent to, and agree to defend by thought, word, deed, the Constitution and all derivative laws that are validly promulgated and validly sustained through review.

    In the Church, it is not the Constitution, but Jesus Christ – Word, Sacred Tradition and Canon Law under Him we serve and promise to defend in thought, word and deed, at the cost of our life If need be. It is not the person we follow, but that higher structure we all live in and jointly assent to – if we wish to be a Catholics, that is.

    So thankful for video testimonies like this. The movement is strengthening, perhaps, to revere the rule of Law – in the Church of course, but also in America’s secular society. Some laws, some commands we are simply bound to disobey, even if issued by the President, or Pope himself. Because we all serve something (some One) *higher*.

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