Sarah Cunial in Italian Parliament: I call for the arrest of Bill Gates

FromRome.Info has published* this video before, but this version has subtitles in English, and voice.


*By published, we mean that we published a post in which the video — which is not ours, but an excerpt of the official record of the Italian Camera — was embedded.

This post was viciously attacked with smears within hours of’s publication of another video by Voice of America, showing its lies. The attack came from, and is obviously backed by U.S. Government allies.

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9 thoughts on “Sarah Cunial in Italian Parliament: I call for the arrest of Bill Gates”

  1. The VeteransToday article said nothing of any substance and tried to discredit the video solely on the basis of the accounts that helped it reach over one million views. However it was spread takes nothing away from the actual content of the video.
    The article bashes your FromRome site which states Sarah Cunial, but because someone called Marissa Hardwick tweeted it as the Italian Government they have basically tried to insinuate that you lied in an effort to get people to ignore the video completely.
    It’s extremely shoddy work and has so far only 2 comments, 1 by the Managing Editor saying “Great work Ian”. If this is “great work” they are extremely lazy and sloppy. A digital National Enquirer disguised as veteran friendly news. But what’s really interesting is found at the end of the article in the green box after the author details. Under “Attention Readers” it says “Due to the nature of independent content, VT cannot guarantee content validity.”
    Truly A+ journalism there.

  2. Sara is a voice among the silent and fearful she will be remembered with pride when others have died in shame.
    Many fail to recognise one fact things said to have been “DEBUNKED” remain, they have not been disproven.
    In this instance the weight of evidence is with Sara.

    1. I’ve only just seen this too, and I really wanted to shake this lady’s hand. Of course, almost a year on, there are lots of “fact checker” things talking about her “lies” etc., etc, yawn; not convinced. Thank you Sara, and I can absolutely say you are spot on in your assertions. I can also say that these criminals will not overcome a conscious, united and sovereign people, which we are fast becoming. I suspect they are about to be dealt with – that’s the reason for the rush. This man has lost connection with his soul. Love your work, Sara and I also love your passion and courage. Thank you.

  3. Bill Gates has been under scrutiny for a long time. It’s his big, arrogant mouth in the face of that insufferable jackass that gets him that scrutiny because he spews his evil where he thinks he’s speaking to a friendly room. He is a mass murderer, guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity by his own admission. He’s not the only [DS] player either, who is involved in conspiracy with viral WMD, and weaponized “vaccines.” Another one is the treasonous hack, “Dr.” Fauci.
    Sara should know she is not alone, we hear her, and we welcome her voice to this fight.

    1. I think Fauci has been “their man” for this sort of thing for quite some time. That British modeller seems to pop up all the time too, Ferguson. All criminals, basically.

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