The Dam is breaking: The Clergy are about to switch back to Pope Benedict XVI en masse

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Peter Seewald’s new biography on Pope Benedict XVI, ein Leben, is having an effect that is terrorizing Bergoglians and shaking many “Bergoglio is certainly the pope” Catholics to the core of their intellectual security.

In just this week, I have learned that 2 more priests have declared for Pope Benedict XVI, and that a leading internet personality is now open to hearing the arguments for the invalidity of the alleged renunciation.

The reason for this, I suspect, is simple. In Seewald’s book, it is clear that the words attributed to Pope Benedict about intending to retain the spiritual mandate of the papacy are inescapably and completely destructive of any idea, whatsoever, that Pope Benedict’s renunciation of ministry was intended to be a complete and full renunciation of every aspect of the papacy.

Also, since the Office of Saint Peter is spiritual, and nothing but spiritual, the words attributed to Pope Benedict in Seewald’s book arguably confirm that he never renounced ANYTHING essential or substantive regarding the papal office.

There has been a lot of denial for seven years, and in all fairness we must admit that the vast majority of the clergy never took the position that Bergoglio is the pope because of any canonical study which they personally understood. They just acted on hearsay.

Falling into the common error of those who think a canonical act is essentially the act intended, not the act posited in legal form, they have resisted listening to the canonical demonstrations of the invalidity.

But now that Benedict has declared what his intention was, and used the words “retain” and “spiritual dimension” — words which directly contradict the requirements of canon 332, which requires a RENUNCIATION (not a retention) of the MUNUS (spiritual charge) respectively — there is just no more wiggle room left.

Benedict has completely denied the validity of his act as something in conformity with the canon.

Therefore, he has ever remained the one and true and only Pope.

As the clergy reflect on this, their loyalties will change accordingly.

The dam has broken, now the first drips are making their way through the crack of lies.

Then will come the stream,  then the torrent, and then the dam will thunder down in a tremendous and epochal ecclesiastical rumble.

POSTCRIPT: There is not much data to extrapolate from, but I estimate that every 3 weeks the current rate of priests declaring for Benedict increases by 400%. In most social phenomenon like this the initial rate is always lower that the rate achieved when 30-40% of the persons become convinced. So we should start seeing hundreds of priests each month sometime in July to September. And, thus, by fall or the end of the year, entire dioceses or small nations declaring for Pope Benedict XVI.

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23 thoughts on “The Dam is breaking: The Clergy are about to switch back to Pope Benedict XVI en masse”

  1. At last good news. If only PBXVI had stated this seven years ago. I often wonder why he didn’t come to the rescue of the Chinese Catholics. Hopefully he can return to the PO very quickly & consecrate Russia as Our Lady intended. She did say it would be done but late. Well, it’s very late now with all the heresies & idolatry that have been spouted by AF & his cronies that PBXVI will have to declare null & void & the fallout from having to excommunicate them all for their sins against the Bride of Christ.

    1. I pray with you that a true and good Pope will consecrate Russia, soon, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. However, Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité, a noted Fatima scholar, has said that in order for heaven to give the Grace for the Consecration, the Popes would first have to obey Our Lady in revealing the true and full 3rd Secret — because of the offense given to Our Lady in the act of disobedience by John XXIII, who refused to reveal it. Let us pray that Pope Benedict will soon be the pope to finally obey Our Lady in this regard – so that many Graces may flow once again – into the Church – as a consequence of this act of obedience. Archbishop Viganò has certainly provided the platform and opened the way for this to be done, with his recent statement regarding the 3rd Secret!

      Dr. Maria Desjardins

    2. He DID say it (or, rather, WROTE it) – in Latin. Apparently too many people have forgotten how to read, or at least look up what a word means. I see that in the way people misunderstand what LEGAL words mean. Same with Canon Law. Munus and ministerium are two DIFFERENT words, and people just presumed he meant the ‘office’, when he wrote ministry. From the day Ann Barnhardt published this comprehension of hers, from someone else who’d pointed that out to her, I knew exactly what she’d realized, and agreed. So many people denounce the reason, logic and common sense presented by her (and the others who agree with her) but in the end everyone will know that she and the others were right all along.

    3. I ask this question in honesty and humility and would appreciate an answer in the same vein….. There is a list in circulation naming the 300 alleged members of the Bilderberg Group and Pope Benedict is on it. Can anyone offer any suggestions why he might be? I want to do battle to protect him – If I can get any answer at all I feel it will be right here. God bless all at From Rome.

      1. It is obviously false, because you only get on the list by attending the meetings, and he never attended. But Bergoglio sent Parolin to attend in 2017. So the list you have is probably published by someone close to Bergoglio who loves to discredit other popes to make himself look good.

  2. Amen! Do not be discouraged if many still remain obstinate to declaring for Benedict XVI, because in this evil hour in which the Shepherd has been struck and the flock dispersed, even the elect will be deceived…


  4. I agree that many faithful priests who have a strong devotion to Our Lady will switch back to Pope Benedict (as many already have although not publicly). But far more priests will remain in the false church until the apparent split is so devastating that the Catholic Church will look like it has fallen to the outside world. (The FreeMasons will believe they have achieved their objective). However, the next step will be the proclamation of the 5th Marian Dogma which will unite all the clergy around the world under the true Pope and begin the reign of peace on earth that Mary promised us would happen once this dogma was defined (Her heel will crush the head of the Serpent). Let all readers of this blog understand that those times are upon us now and God willing we will live to see it happen.

  5. I hope and pray that as many people as possible, all the world over will recognise and accept wholeheartedly the true Pope as Benedict. And I pray continuously for his protection and the fulfilment of his mission.

  6. “…and that a leading internet personality is now open to hearing the arguments for the invalidity of the alleged renunciation.”

    Michael Voris? Is so, Hopefully sooner rather than later!

  7. Before he can consecrate Russia, significant number of Bishops around the world need to declare him first so that he can consecrate Russia according to Our Lady’s request. in communion with Bishops around the world.

  8. It is interesting to note that present day Catholic prophets like Pedro Regis mention that there will be a shaking that will happen in the Catholic Church and that both in Garabandal and Akita the message that was given is that there will be a division in the Church. This clearly suggests that there will be 2 clear distinct camps rather than 1 camp and a few dissident clergy.

    7 years ago the question of who was the true pope never came up because everybody in good faith took it that everything went according to canon law. Since Benedict went silent it was taken that ‘silence is consensus’ and that both popes were in agreement so the issue was never questioned. However starting with the Amazonian Synod and Benedict’s book on celibate clergy the distancing of the 2 popes from each other has already started or widened enough for everyone to take note of it..

    The way it seems to me is that eventually Francis will do something so outrageous that even Christians that are not Catholic will object to what he will do. For example there is talk going around that in September this year Francis will meet with delegates from other Churches and religions in an effort to sign a declaration to work for a one world religion. When and if this happens it is certain to cause an outrage among both clergy and laity alike. This will cause Benedict to distance himself even more from Francis so that eventually the question of valid or invalid election of Francis as pope will become a mute point since everyone will have to decide for him or herself which pope they will follow since it will be obvious that the 2 popes aren’t in agreement with each other.

    So in the end the issue of valid or invalid ordination will fall by the wayside since Francis’ act of Apostasy that will cause the shaking to take place will become the deciding factor or which the invalid ordination will only become a footnote rather than the deciding factor.

    1. There were questions about the Renunciation from the start, they did not begin at the Amazon Synod, and there was never agreement by everyone that it was valid. Read the page, Indext to Pope Benedict’s Reunciation, at the top of every page here at FromRome.Info.

      1. You promptly responded to my worry about the Bilderberg Group. Thank you so much – you have eased by mind; you make perfect sense. Dominus vobiscum.

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