Brava Sara! Per parlare la verità su Nuovo Ordine Mondiale

“Nuovo Ordine Mondiale: una Voce in Parlamento ha avuto il Coraggio di parlarne”

| Notizie Oggi Lineasera. Sintesi della puntata del 15 Maggio 2020. OSPITI in collegamento: FRANCESCO AMODEO (giornalista), FABIO DRAGONI (giornalista “La Verità”), FRANCESCO CARRARO (avvocato, scrittore), VANESSA BEGHIN (imprenditrice), MASSIMILIANO MUSSO (avvocato, economista).. OGNI VENERDI’ alle 21:00, IN DIRETTA dallo Studio 12 di Canale Italia, NOTIZIE OGGI LINEASERA, sul digitale terrestre ITALIA 53 (lcn 53), Canale Italia 7 (lcn 172), su Sky canale 821, condotto da Vito Monaco.

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

An English summery of this video, which speaks about Sara Cunial’s fiery accusation of the Government of Giuseppe Conte, already reported here (Italian) and here (Italian with English subtitles).

Francesco Carraro, lawyer and writer, says that without a doubt Italy is living under a dictatorship, and with the excuse of the virus, it is now a crime to meet in public, which is the one power the people have to express their disagreement with the government. The government of Giuseppe Conte has lied so many times, that we need the immediate institution of a parliamentary commission to investigate the crimes. But in response the ruling party has demanded that Sara Cunial, who has denounced the government in parliament, be tried for insulting the Prime Minister.

Ornella Mariani says the object of the Government is to establish a dictatorship of virology in which the word “public assembly” disappears from common parlance and elections are put off forever. I will be the first to fight all the way to the EU court any attempt to force citizens to wear bracelets to follow their movements.

Fabio Draghi, journalist for La Verità, a conservative newspaper, holds that the Parliament is incapable of doing anything but evil. The Government would do better to copy other nations. The response failed to respond with quality. And was excessive in its tyrannical control of the people. The Government is acting too late in regard to the infection, and has done nothing to help businesses to reopen. Rather, it has terrorized the nation with the specter of another round of infection and thus destroyed the confidence of businesses to reopen. The Government’s attempt to help by means of giving tax breaks is useless since businesses lack liquidity, and have no business.

Vanessa Beghin, a business woman, now famous for having denounced the economic response of the Government, which has gravely harmed families and children. She says that the measures of containment were totally inadequate. It has hurt the Veneto in particular, which is populated by small family businesses. I have tried to help as much as possible to save the jobs of my employees by keeping the business open by doing everything possible to meet the medical demands of the government. As a businesswoman I hold that we small businesses need help immediately. I have asked for 25,000 Euro loan, but have not received it from the Government. Promises have been made but we have received no help. Neither have families or children. We are all enraged at the Goverment.

Francesco Amadeo, journalist, then comments on Ornella Mariani’s second intervention, where she says a Regime has been established in the name of protecting our health. Though at the beginning knew of the risk of the virus but did nothing. But when they did act it was more to take control than to respond to the virus. Conte, she says, has no right to govern, no one wants him, he needs to take his suitcase and get out of down. She then denounces the Ministry of health who sent 600,000 medical masks to China, when Italy needed them, and the Minister of the Interior who had drones and helicopter chase private citizens in streets and on beaches. She ends by tell the government to resign and get out.

Amadeo responds by saying the future of Italy is in grave doubt, especially when the Government has put in charge of the Commission to Reopen, persons who are members of the Bilderberg group, like Vittorio Colao, and representatives of the global elites, not of the people. Italians must now descend in to the piazzas and Conte needs to go. But we must also worry about who will come after him. Our political movement Stop the EU has more than 1.2 million Facebook likes.

Francesco Amadeo then quotes the National Intelligence Council report from the USA in 2004, which speaks of 2020 of a pandemic breaking out in China, or biological war, which could threaten globalization.

Then speaks Attorney Lillo Musso, brother of Daniel Musso, who was forcibly taken to a psychiatric hospital for reason of the expression of his political opinions against the Government’s myth of the Corona Pandemic. His brother was kept several days in a prone position, with feet, arms, hands, neck and sides bound to the bed, in absolute darkness and intravenous drips filled with psychiatric drugs.

Massimiliano Musso is a member of ITALEXIT, of which FromRome.Info reported this morning. I am not opposed to Europeans, my own wife is Dutch and one of her parents is Irish. The question is the sovereignty of Italy, not to start conflicts with Germany or France. Italy needs to be the lord of her own house. The free movement of peoples and commerce is good, but the problem is the lack of control within our own territory and with one’s own money.

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  1. Well, this is what many of us have been speaking about for years – the lack of control over our affairs. I have always thought of the EU as being the European base for NWO totalitarianism. Their reach is everywhere. You cannot sneeze but they know about it. They are trying to do away with our different cultures which have great significance to our wellbeing & our Catholic faith for which many of our ancestors have been persecuted & put to death for. I believe we should seriously consider bringing back the death penalty for crimes against humanity that have plagued the world ever since its dismissal!

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