2 thoughts on “FOIA request proves that Vaccines in USA for 30 years have not been proven safe as required by law”

  1. Wow! And “they” want us to submit to the new, universal vaccine as a result of the Corona Virus! Sorry, but ain’t happening! Thanks for sharing this important revelation about the government’s abysmal failure.

  2. That’s why President Trump must see that the law is enforced & that big money cannot buy safety certificates. If such vaccines are then to be exported under the guise of charity to the underdeveloped world who have not got the means of investigating them for potency& safety then that is a human rights issue. The American government cannot turn a blind eye to the charges made by professional scientists & medics as to the effects they have had in Africa & beyond, having been tampered with prior to injecting young females & rendering them infertile, just as abortion clinics get government & NWO financial aid to rip babies from their mothers wombs on the flimsiest excuses & sell them on making zillions in profit. These practices must stop right now & Catholics should make them issues in the coming election.

    The evil NWO are blatantly making this coronavirus their springboard for tyranny – locking-up healthy people in order to bring down the world economies & belief in the persona of God. They have their men in the positions they want (inc. Antipope F) & their names should be tracked down & exposed together with the financial backing they have given to depopulation eugenics now & in the past.

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