Dominican Priest violently assaults Laywoman in Church for reminding him to be faithful to Christ not the Virus

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Maria Lourdes, a laywoman in the Spanish city of Palencia, went to pray the Rosary in her local parish, as she has done many times. When the Domenican Friars finished Vespers and the Rosary, she began speaking to them through the Chancel grate.

While in the Video, in Spanish, you hear her during the event itself, rebuking the Dominicans for abandoning their sacred duties to minister to the faithful.

Here is an English translation of the notes on this video, from the Spanish:

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Please listen, live, to this incident suffered by the collaborator of Adoration and Liberation, Maria Simplemente Maria, when she was expelled by the priest of the Church; who even called the Police, with the excuse that, “due to the state of alarm of the coronavirus” one could not be there.

Adoration and Liberation limits itself to disseminating the recording taken by the interested party, following the events, which she herself relates here below; with her authorization. In the recording, Mary’s courage is clear, as well as the rather restrained action of the police, who responded to the priest’s call, and the, at the very least, dubious action of these pastors of the Church… but judge for yourselves…

The incident took place last Sunday, 10 May, when our collaborator, Maria Simplemente Maria, was on her way to pray normally in her usual parish, in the Spanish city of Palencia. We will not describe it further, because you must listen to it. You will see how the priest, the police, and our sister Maria intervene in it.

We leave you with the words that Mary herself gives us. Read them before the audio:

“Dear brothers, yesterday I lived a terrible experience. I share with you the audio I recorded immediately after the events. I had seen the open door of the Church where I usually attended Mass, and where many of the faithful and the Dominican Fathers themselves know me well. Some of these days I had entered the convent church of St. Paul to visit the tabernacle, these being days dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima.

The friars were saying the prayer of Vespers and the Rosary. And I went to the gate behind the presbytery. I did so many times and prayed and sang the Hail Mary with them on this side of the grille. I have attended their celebrations, Masses, novenas, talks… They have seen me pray before the Lord so many times!

On Sunday the 10th I went to the fence of their chapel behind the altar and I listened to the prayer as I did many times. And when they mention it, they invoke the Holy Spirit and I look at the church empty and completely darkened at the hour when it should have been completely filled with the faithful devotees rendering honors to the Blessed Virgin. But what I see is a spectacle of Dominicans in the background, while the church is dark and empty.

I could not suppress the inner voice that burned like a fire of love for our sweetest Jesus and His Mother. And to call their attention a little to tell them that we are not NOT PHANTOMS, that we come to pray and to present them with respect and love for the Lord and the Virgin.

They are all enlightened, reminding me of Pope Francis, whom everyone adores, on that Way of the Cross, this Holy Week. Everything is enlightened but Jesus Crucified is darkened! Well, these Dominicans were like that.

Then when they finished their prayer I spoke to them: But what are you doing like this, praying vespers and the Rosary, which is not pleasing to the Lord because you have turned your back on Him, turning to the world and obeying the institutions but not God, whom you have kidnapped here and who you have stopped saying Mass and giving the sacraments, and confession, and people are dying without divine help! What are you doing praying without giving the sacraments!

And then the prior came out from behind the grate; quick and radical, and I felt all his weight on me and a tremendous pull on my right arm, and with another hand on my back he literally threw me a few feet into the air with tremendous force. And for a moment I saw myself being slammed against the very altar and/or the pews. And I had to do a lot of strength not to fall and break my head or a leg.

And without allowing me to recover, he rammed my little humanity like a bison several times until in this way, without any pity or charity, he took me out of the Church saying: IT’S MY HOUSE, OUT OF MY HOUSE! And I could not help but call them heretics, apostates and Lutherans and shout LONG LIVE CHRIST THE KING!

They were at the door of the church waiting for me and they asked me for the documentation; and I explained to them what had happened and they said that it was forbidden to go to church because of the state of alarm. But the church was open! I can only explain it as these hypocrites fearing that when they lift the ban the people will decide not to come back, and so they give the message that “we are still here” so that we will go to the basket and put the “X” on the tax return.

It was a horrible experience. I could have been given a moment to speak. But you weren’t. Blown up mercilessly. That shows how false they are! Of CHARITY NOTHING. OF LESS FAITH. OF LOVE FOR THE LORD 0!

And this is what happened. In the same church where years ago they celebrated an invalid mass because they celebrated “memory”, and I went to the sacristy when that celebration ended, which mass did not, to ask for explanations and to denounce it. The same man who threw me out with all his violence threw me out three years ago saying the same thing

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7 thoughts on “Dominican Priest violently assaults Laywoman in Church for reminding him to be faithful to Christ not the Virus”

  1. This is sheer thuggery. Please send a copy of this video to her Bishop –
    Julián López Martín . I am also going to pass it on – these monks need investigating!

    1. I have sent the link for the video to her Bishop Julian Lopez Martin of the Diocese of Castilla y Leon asking that he investigate this matter which is about to go viral. I also retweeted it, so it probably will.

  2. This is how the mindless Bergoglian clergy and zombified law enforcement officials, must be treated for their cowardice, injustice and apostasy. Better to give them hell now and not later for all eternity…

    1. But it is also a good example of how, if you accept one lie, and act on it with fidelity, you become instantly a servant of the Devil, just as those who accept the lie that Benedict resigned are headed to become.

  3. The distress in her voice is palpable. I cannot imagine the pain and betrayal she and the faithful must feel over the physical, as well as spiritual attacks they are suffering.

    The demons are busy.

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