Young Priest: Priests persecuted for speaking the truth!

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6 thoughts on “Young Priest: Priests persecuted for speaking the truth!”

  1. I would like to know the name of this glorious priest. He is in my prayers on every Rosary.

  2. Hi! My name is Karen Maley. I found the sermon on the web site, Vox Cantoris. They identify the priest as Fr. James Altman. I love your website. Do you have a mailing address to send a donation. I do snail mail. My daughter lives in Pisa and is an Italian citizen as well as an American. My best to you. Karen M.

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  3. Hello, my name is David Pavlesic, I live in Houston, Tx. I came upon the You tube site US grace force and other podcasts featuring Fr. James Altman. I can not stay away from him: I recently had laps in my faith, and told my friend and parish priest Fr. Don Nesti, that I was loosing my faith in the Catholic church, and Pope Francis. —over the likes of BLM, Fr.Reese, and Fr Martins comments and proposals; such as proabortion, same sex marriage, and their request that we should vote for Joe Biden, who claims to be a good catholic yet he is in favor of proabortion.
    I feel that Vatican II messed up the whole parameter of the HOLY MASS as it is today; It is no wonder that the church is loosing so many young people. In my opinion, [other than the readings of the liturgy, the holy gospel and the consecration of the Holy Eucharist. and receiving the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus, the mas has nothing sacred to offer. Most homilies are as boring as listening to a soap opera; I get nothing out of them, I could go on and on but it may get my shingles worked up again. Final comment—
    when our present Pastor came to our church about 10 years ago, I was on the pastoral council at that time—he came in for his first time, sat next to me; after the meeting and Q&A time, I ask Fr. Phil, why do we not ring the bells anymore at the consecration of the Holy Eucharist—[he is from England] and in his English pompous delivery, after he pondered it for a few seconds, was…”I FIND THAT VERY DISTURBING”; —WOW, I resigned from the council after that, still attend daily mass as well as Sunday mass, have tried to be friendly toward him, but if it weren’t for Fr Nesti, I probably would not be attending mass at St. Theresa’s
    Fr Altman is God sent; he reaches our to his people and speaks the truth
    even though, in their eyes, he rubs the Vatican the wrong way. If we had a thousand more priest like Fr Altman, the whole world would want to be catholic. God Bless You Fr. Altmam

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