Michel Piccoli, dead at 94: Acted out Benedict’s Renunciation 2 years beforehand

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Il Reformista reports that on May 18, 2020, there passed away Michel Piccoli, one of the most famous French actors of his generation, who appeared in more than 170 films.

In 2011, he played the part of what could arguably be identified as Pope Benedict XVI in the Movie, “Habemus papam” by Nanni Moretti, which “prophetically” showed the Pope renounce using an invalid formula. See the video above, for the key scene in the film.

Even in February of 2013, this film was spoken of in relation to the events of that month.

The cause of Michel Piccoli’s death was listed as a stroke. He was 94 years old. Wikipedia, however, omits any reference to his historic role as the Pope, in the Film, Habemus Papam. And, I think that is significant, because I know that Wikipedia only hides information for ideological reasons.

Michel Piccoli’s death comes within days of the tremendous revelations of Pope Benedict XVI in the new biography by Peter Seewald, Ein Leben, in which there is attributed to the Pope words which express that he never intended to validly resign, that he intended rather to retain the spiritual mandate (Verantvortung, Munus).

The producer of the film, in which Piccoli played the role of Pope Benedict XVI, Nanni Moretti, is a self-declared atheist and Marxists. Several of his films have won awards at important film festivals, an honor only given to those who push the narrative of the global elites. He lives at Rome, and thus is certainly known to the Scalfari, the founder of the Repubblica newspaper, who is a close friend of Jorge Bergoglio, them man whom, historically speaking, is the pope elected in Moretti’s film. In fact, Google.com shows that there more than 10 articles at La Repubblica about Moretti. That is a lot of free publicity for a fellow atheist and Marxist, a lot of friendship.

Scalfari is widely suspected to be the “important and influential person” at Rome, identified by Cardinal McCarrick as the one who lobbied for Bergoglio’s election. The pieces seem all to fit together nicely, don’t they?

Nanni Moretti’s article at Wikipedia also hides the fact that he produced this same film on Pope Benedict’s XVI renunciation 2 years before Benedict XVI “resigned”, by concealing the name of the film under its English title.

Michel Piccoli, when asked about the events of Feb. 11, 2013, at that time, reacted somewhat violently to reporters questions. He definitively refused to discuss his role in the film by Moretti, for some reason.

Well, with his unforeseen death — which is perhaps timely for those in the Vatican — that reason goes to the grave with him.

The use of films to psychologically condition minds in the future to predetermined events, has long been a tactic of the CIA, as I have reported previously. This film, Habemus Papam, must then been seen as part of the calculated and planned coercion put on Pope Benedict XVI from 2011 wards to leave the scene (see here).

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2 thoughts on “Michel Piccoli, dead at 94: Acted out Benedict’s Renunciation 2 years beforehand”

  1. Interesting post. Thank you for bringing to our attention such an interesting film and obituary. Yes, for those who are still alive and whose time is running out to make things-Benedict XVI right, they ought to rethink what they wish to take to the grave regarding Benedict’s abdication.

    Regarding the producer, film and deceased actor, having attended a film and business school which focused on educating Catholics for media and film industry (whether acting, screenwriting, production, marketing, etc), if there was ever a lesson learned, it was that there are absolutely no coincidences and no mistakes in film production, no matter what genre, no matter what budget or scale of a film it is.

    If any industry requires extraordinary, meticulous, cautious and scrupulous planning, the weighing of intended outcomes, risk, financing, and execution, down to a science, it is precisely film production.

    I have absolutely no doubt that this crazy marxist film producer of “Habemus Papam” (which I had never heard of before), was approached with intel on the future possibility of a papal abdication. She absolutely did, in whatever category or package, but she absolutely knew and had intel on what was coming. Remember, the Sankt Gallen Mafia Cardinal Danneels admitted that they had done everything they could to prevent BXVI from being elected Pope, and then did everything they could to force him to resign even after he was elected Pope.

    I have no doubt the producer was financed (probably by the same people in the Vatican who financed the Elton John or Men In Black films). Not only that, but she strategically set a timeline to develop the concept, produce and launch the film through the strategic mediums and distribution channels that would reach her intended audience, before a certain deadline. If anyone ever comes across this film producer, ask her point blank: How did you conceive the idea of producing a film that included a scene with a papal abdication? She would never take responsibility for having come up with that unless it was part of the deal or legal contract with those who financed the film, that she never disclose that or take full responsibility for it.

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