Del Bigtree debates Vaccine-Madhatter Dershowitz

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4 thoughts on “Del Bigtree debates Vaccine-Madhatter Dershowitz”

  1. This is the argument of the Nazi. When it is determined by society that an act is for the good of the society, then the individual must submit on behalf of the society.

    In 20th century Germany, society determined that Jews were detrimental to the purity of the Germanic society. Filth, I think they called them. Biological contagion. That was an essential element of the the rise of the Nazi. They spoke to the evil impulse within the underbelly of Germany. It was thus required of Jews to get on the trains so that needles could be “plunged into their own flesh” for the sake of a better, purer, safer German society. These Jews didn’t have a choice in this matter. Society determined their choice for them. Up, up to Valhalla. Commence the Thousand Year Reich.

    I cannot believe this man, Dershowitz, a Jew of all people, old enough to have experienced the holocaust, would advocate for this inhuman tyranny that would elevate the right of the State to do to an individual anything it determined necessary to benefit “society” according to its own definition of “good”. “Take a person, transport them against their will to a ‘hospital’, plunge a needle into their flesh”.


    Never again! Even if Dershowitz forgot, I have not.

      1. Yes. The same thought occurred to me. Dershowitz’s argument sounds like that of a collaborator. It’s incomprehensible unless you see that is going on.

        George Soros sold his own soul to the devil by selling out his fellow Jews to the Nazi and using their wealth as his future empire’s foundation. Which betrayals explain, for me, why the man is so consummately evil.

        Judenrät. That is what they were called. They have an ancient history in Europe.

        I hope America, at least, sees this in time. As General Michael Flynn said during Trump’s campaign for President – “If we fail, if we lose our freedom, there is nowhere left on earth to go! We are all that is left”.

  2. Alan Dershowitz falsely claims that the Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson vs. Massachusetts supports forced vaccinations when Jacobson was only subject to a fine for refusing a vaccination! He cannot possibly be ignorant of this fact so he is a deceitful liar. But even this fine was as unconstitutional (illegal) as the Supreme Court having also supported slavery in its Dred Scott decision!

    This whole fraud perpetuated by Louis Pasteur that pathogens are man’s ultimate threat to human health has from the very beginning been a tool for politically dominate and control people by fear (i.e TERRORISM!) , which Pasteur before his death admitted claiming that Bechamp in fact was right in his “It’s not the pathogen but the Terrain!”

    But the diabolical is easily exposed with out any actual understanding of the science that fully supports Bechamp: If viruses are our primary threat and vaccines really protect you why should those who are vaccinated see the unvaccinated as any threat to them? THERE IS CLEARLY A DEMONIC AGENDA AT PLAY HERE THAT HAS NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH PROTECTING ANYONE FROM DISEASE!

    Thus to maintain a just society under our Constitution we must affirm that anyone who participates in or enforces any involuntary vaccination pgm with a denial of any civil right to the unvaccinated should be charged with DOMESTIC TERRORISM and the highest degree of CRIMINAL ASSAULT. Those who advocate/promote this TERRORIST AGENDA, after fair warning, should be stripped of their American citizenship and be banished from the United States.

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