Italy: Why June 2? to protest against Conte…

FromRome.Info has published numerous reports about the protests scheduled this year of our Lord, 2020 for the second of June. But why on June 2?

On June 2, 1946, a year after the end of World War II in Europe, the Italian people voted for the members of a constitutive assembly and to decide whether Italy would be a monarchy or republic. They chose a republic? Not quite Though the country was clearly divided, with the South voting for a Monarchy and the North for a republic.

The nation had been ruled by the House of Savoy since the time of the Risorgimento, when the Kingdom of Piedmont with the financing of France and the intrigues and bribes of the United Kingdom subverted and conquered, without any just cause for war, the other states of Italy along with the Papal States.

The Supreme Justice of the Court of Cassazione declared false numbers of 12 million for the Republic and 10 million for the Monarchy, adding that he would not certify the vote until all complaints were received, a cryptic phrase. Then in the following days the government leaders discussed among themselves, admitting that the numbers were faked and that they had chosen to not announce the Monarchist victory on June 3 to prevent an outbreak of violence. After some days, the Government received the counts of the votes from the North and decided that those voting for a Republic were more numerous, but did not announce it, lest they reveal they had lied on June 2.

The rules of the election required 50% plus 1 of all votes cast for a side to win. But the votes reported were only those considered valid. Votes which are discounted or blank were not reported, which prevented a true determination of victory.

By June 11, there were demands for a recount. But many of the votes had already been destroyed. On June 13, the King wrote to the people accusing the High Court of falsifying the vote. He appealed to the U.S.A., which was, as a masonic nation, firmly opposed to a Christian Monarchy. On June 17, he went into exilte, to Portugal. On June 18, the Court declared the victory for the Republicans, basing its decision on the fact that a true deteremination of the vote was by then impossible. That decision has never been put to review. And in 1948 the New Constitution declared that from henceforth, decisions of the High Court would not be subject to any review. A new monarchy.

Ever since, June 2 has been celebrated as the National Holiday, akin to Independence Day in the United States, but with somewhat less fervor, since Italians now know the history of what really happened.

In this second video, this history is explained in detail.


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  1. Sounds like a great day for Italians to overthrow the counterfeit King Konte whose surname ‘Conte’ is “recorded in the spellings of Comte, Conte and Conti … of Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese origins. It derives from the Latin ‘comptus’ meaning ‘order or control’, and such in the Roman Empire it applied to officials of rank responsible for administering a small region.”

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