6 thoughts on “Voris: Bishop Fellay’s credibility?”

  1. Every molester priest & their enablers must be outed & dealt with by the public courts. No more denials, switching parishes or stealing money from parish funds to pay off vocal victims. The SSPX & their offshoots are no different to mainstream Catholic prelates & clergy when it comes to sexual predators – Satan doesn’t do jobs by halves – but it is pure hypocrisy to suggest that because they uphold TLM (which we all love) they are therefore absolved from the general contamination wrought by the imposters Bella Dodd inflicted upon the CC during the ’30/’40s & has spread throughout the institution. Divide & conquer is the prime motive of the Devil & has been extremely successful not only in religious life but in civl life as well, as we can witness to-day through NWO pressure, threats & actual enslavement of the world population who never cast a vote for them.

  2. According to their Twitter feed, CM also was talking with former SSPX seminarians and they report that homosexuality was rife in SSPX seminaries!

  3. When I was a seminarian, I remember sitting in at a deanery meeting with the priests of the area where I was living, and they had a guest lay couple who were the founders of a private and high profile mental health facility/residence in the middle of the jungle in Latinamerica where they housed troubled clergy from all around the world (hundreds). Some who were elderly and had dementia, others with alcohol abuse, sex addiction, child pornography addiction, pedophilia, pederasty, and all sorts of mental problems. They told the group of priests that if they had any of the following symptoms or thoughts, that they should consider spending about months there. And they read the list. And next thing I saw were all 12 priests coughing, sniffling, getting fidgety, some red as tomatoes, and all of them because very nervous. I was shocked!! Almost all the priests were demonstrating that they had experienced some of those issues. I felt a bit guilty for not getting up and walking out.

    The couple’s reason for why they founded this institution was because after the second vatican council, thousands of priests were traumatized and developed serious mental illnesses and obsessions due to the shock that they experienced when the Latin Mass was taken away and when they had to adopt new customs and new lines of thinking. They began with elderly Bishops and Cardinals, retired monsignors, and later it grew quickly with so many pedophiles that were seeking refuge and help. Til this day, those priests are sent there either by force (by their Bishops) or voluntarily, if they realize they need the help.

    They spoke about some of the behaviors they saw in the clergy who after Vatican II became obsessed with the traditional latin mass and the kinds of odd and obsessive behaviors they would develop to the point where they could no longer live in a household or rectory with brother priests, because of how crazy they had become. I could only imagine what is hiding amidst the SSPX, with an organization that in all its externals and accidentals resembles catholicism, but empty of all its Sacred Gifts that was only reserved for the Church of Saint Peter, of the True Pope and His Legitimate Successors and Collaborators.

    1. I do not think these problems can be directly tied to V2, but clearly when you blur the line between good and evil, you open the conscience to accept any pre-existing issue with abandon, because only truth and virtue make a man human, otherwise he descends to the level of something worse than even a beast.

    2. That must have been a horrendous experience for you. The Mother of God described VII as a Bad Council & we who have experienced before & after VII (the spirit of etc.), the Liturgy of Ages ditched, HC on the hand, extraordinary ministers of HC, readers, little regard for the Sacraments etc. I can imagine the impact it had on those already ordained as well as those about to be. Our 2,000 years of worship was torn to shreds – no wonder Satan entered the Church, he must have been overjoyed that his cunningness had born such amounts of evil fruit.

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