5 Secret Societies which rule the world


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3 thoughts on “5 Secret Societies which rule the world”

  1. You posted this video which shows Pope Benedict as a member of the Freemasons? You claim to be a supporter of Pope Benedict and yet you show him to be a freemason.

    1. The video does not show that he is a freemason, it just shows the strang hand shake of President Bush. Italian clergy for centuries have regularly shoke hands as Pope Benedict does. Its not a sign of freemasonry, it is merely a Catholic aristocratic tradition showing superiority in the relationship.

      The one extending the hand is the superior, showing mercy and welcome, the one grasping the hand is the inferior accepting the grace offered.

      Here is a sketch of such a handshake as offered by Saint Thomas Becket to the English King Henry II in 1133, shows this manner of handshake which is very common in Europe still among the clergy. I have met a Cardinal and Bishops who offer their hand like this.



  2. Thanks for the summary Br. Alexis. It appears the common threads of these groups is the desire for a New World Order controlled by an elite that wishes to bring peace to the world via abolishment of Catholicism, control of population, and establishment of economic equality.

    These are ideas celebrated by the French Revolution and are surely the work of the devil. In our day the plans to bring this plan into being are now in the open and appear to be our near term future.

    Given Our Lady’s prophecies and our reading of the Book of Revelation we can be assured that God will intervene in the form of the Great Chastisement. Let us pray for courage and perseverance.

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