Bishop of Brescia has pastor hauled to a mental hospital for refusing to wear a mask


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news is as incredible as it is terrifying. The Bishop of Brescia, Italy, has had Don Gianluca Loda forcibly removed from his residence by a squad of police and taken to a mental hospital, where he is now being kept against his will. (He is the priest in the cassock on the left of the featured image.)

The full story is reported by Aldo Maria Valli.

His crime or offense? Nothing to do with the Catholic religion. No, rather, he publicly acted as if the new cult of COVID-19 is a false religion. That is, he ate pizza at a restaurant without wearing a mask. Was fined by the police, and then in the evening returned and ate pizza alone without a mask.

The matter being reported to his bishop, Pierantonio Tremolada, a decision was made with the consultation of other priests, to order what appears to be a TSO — a forcible sequestration of person for reasons of mental health.

Police broke into the rectory through a window and seized his person and dragged him away.

His fate and location are not known. It is said that he has been taken to a hospital for observation.

Father Loda is known to be a sane and rational man. He has publicly criticized the government approved Islamic invasion of Europe. He openly decries the Masonic agenda of the European Union. And I infer, from his recent behavior at the restaurant that he might have criticized the VIRUS mass which the Government, with the supine agreement of the Bishops’ Conference, has imposed on the Church, making it impossible for Catholics to worship anywhere in Italy without mixing the politics of lies, deceit and terror above that of the worship of Jesus Christ.


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19 thoughts on “Bishop of Brescia has pastor hauled to a mental hospital for refusing to wear a mask”

    1. This man who is bishop by this committed an act of schism and is not a bishop in the Church anymore, so please do not speak of the Church has having anything to do with this.

      1. The Bishop may have committed an act of schism but who is going to apply the penalty? Not AF for sure, & what about Fr. Loda? Are they going to formally charge him or let him go? I pray journalists will soon discover his whereabouts & inform us of it. He will need a good lawyer. The Bishop is demonic!

      2. Brother, please, I mean no offense at all, believe me, but this bishop is only in schism as far as some are concerned. To the men in the church, he is in perfect line with their thinking and actions. To the outside world, this bishop IS the church, as is Francis and all his cabal. The faithful are outside. I agree with Michael 100% on this. The church itself, the pope, the Cardinals, the bishops, have becomes wolves to the sheep, a danger to life in the material world, as well as a spiritual danger. When the pope speaks, or the Cardinals, or the bishops, this Catholic no longer listens, indeed, recoils. I did not leave Catholicism. Catholicism left me. These men are responsible, and they are very much inside the church.
        Thank you for allowing my comment, and for your excellent work.
        God bless you and may He reward you for your efforts.

      3. Kate, the canon 1364 puts outside of the Church those those who attack the Church or its members. What this Bishop does is the extreme measure of that. Against a priest in good standing who gives witness to the truth at the risk of being fined. To do such a priest in is the very consummation of the sin of schism, therefore, he can rightly be held to have lost his office, and if you do not thus consider him, you put yourself in danger to be preyed upon by him again.

  1. What insanity is ruling over us? Are people’s minds being poisoned by demons? This is very frightening indeed. Will this be part of the NWO, when you don’t conform to its rules, you end up in a mental hospital? Prayers for Don Gianluca Loda, and for us all, that God give us wisdom, courage, and minds that honor Him.

  2. It’s the Bishop who should have been brought to the mental asylum. How insane is he to treat one of his priests like a criminal? I should also imagine that the police overreacted by breaking into the rectory for such a questionable offence. His parishioners should make a stand here or it could ricochet throughout Italy – not only will their Churches stay closed but most of their priests will end up in mental asylums.

    1. Methods used in the USSR which in the last century in the frightened so-called free world are now used in the EU. I wouldn’t count on journalists, only penance and sincere prayer.

      1. If only we had some means by which we could stop the spread of the errors of Russia and bring about a period of peace. If only…

        First thing we need for that, though, is a Catholic Pope.

  3. Sounds like a member of the Chinese Communist Party, isn’t that how they deal with dissenters.

  4. Typical tactics. A Bishop friend of mine had the same treatment done to him because he was calling out the Pedo/Homo Mafia in the USCCB. They love to label dissidents as “mentally ill”. Eventually, all of us who adhere to the true Roman Catholic Faith, will be labelled as such and threatened with re-education and re-programming camps. Only the intercession of the Holy Spirit and Angelic assistance will save us. Oh, and The Blessed Mother’s Mantle. Ave Maria.

  5. This keeps me from despair: St. John Chrysostom’s treatise ‘No one can harm the man who does not harm himself’. If only I could be sure to remember this if and when the time comes. But I suppose none of us should pretend to be sure of having that inestimable grace, lest we presume, and stop asking for it.

  6. Perhaps we, from outside, can bring some pressure to bear on behalf of Fr. Loda? Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Even Xi in China does not care to be presented to the world as a dictator, though he is. If there is a public outcry over Fr. Loda, it can only help him.
    We need to organize, ask Catholic blogs to get the word out. Talk about him, write about him. We know what happened to him, now it’s up to us to pray, and make this scandal public.

    1. This would be a good thing, but unfortunately in Italy, when someone is taken to a mental hospital, nothing can be done legally, even if he was illegally take there, until they release him. They are veritable centers of the most malign and inhuman pratices. I know, because in 2012 I tried to help someone taken into one, and was physically assaulted by 2 men at the same time. I could not walk without a crutch for 2 weeks.

      1. I did not know Italy was so corrupt. But wouldn’t it help Father Loda just to have more eyes on the situation? When tyrants know they are being observed, they tend to behave themselves.

      2. I do not know what can be done to suggest anything in specific which could be done from a distance, other than to pray for him and for his deliverance.

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