The Google App & Contact Tracing on Android phones

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Android phones in some countries — such as Italy — in their recent update of the Google App have introduced a functionality to do contact tracing on the user of the phone without their consent. The app to actually do the contact tracing has not been inserted into phones yet, but the google app will be the app which will communicates information such as contacts, geographical position etc. of the user to the contact tracing app.

There are several ways to protect yourself against this. The best way is simply dumping your Android phone in the garbage after smashing it into pieces, to protect the recovery of any of your personal data.

Another less terminal method, is to simply remove the Google App completely — it is not necessary for the proper functioning of your phone.

The third solution is to go into the settings of your Android Phone, and go to Apps, and then enter Google App and turn off the contact tracing functionalities by denying consent to share your position and contacts. This solution requires that you trust Google and that Google is trustworthy.

Another solution is going into the settings of your phone and turn off Geo-location and the sharing of any of such information with any but the most essential apps — preferably none of those made by google (all of which appear in the google app folder on your phone’s main screen, normally). However, this solution requires that you trust your Android software not to turn back on such functionalities at the request of your Cell Phone carrier or the Government. And there is some risk in this, whichever way, because if you turn off Geo-positioning for your phone and messaging, then in the case of an emergency when your position must be shared for your rescue or aid, it won’t share it.

In those countries where contact tracing will be done via Bluetooth, you should also disable Bluetooth and see that it is not turned on without your permission. However, this functionality can be turned on by the government or your cellphone company without your knowledge or consent. And remember, that fact that you do not see the Bluetooth icon or notification does not mean that it is not operative, it only means that you are not being informed if it is operative. Normally the lack of such an icon means that it is not operative, but with a small change to the code in the programming of your phone, this can be switched immediate to act to deceive rather than inform you.

The last suggestion is simply do nothing to your phone, but leave it either exclusively in your workplace or exclusively at home and never take it anywhere on foot or in any vehicle.

In the brave New World Order that is being fashioned by psychological terrorism, mass media misinformation, and a fake pandemic, cell phones which already distract you from the real world, might soon become the very chains and doorways into eternal slavery.

Anyone with a cell phone must keep in mind, that the government which wants to remove dissidents from society has no better tool that your cellphone, regardless of its manufacturer or operating software or apps, to gather information about you and place false information on you, so as to justify your arrest, imprisonment or execution for any numer of reasons. None of this can be done with the old, hand dialed, wall phones, with an on and off power switch.

In short, keep in mind, that if there is any device in your presence, you are in a public place and should do nothing which requires privacy or regards your private life.

Finally, I am told that Apple phones have or are or shortly will introduce similar contact tracing capabilities, with or without your consent.

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7 thoughts on “The Google App & Contact Tracing on Android phones”

  1. Thank you very much for this information Brother. I never connected my phone and only use it as a phone. They’ll see that stops I’m sure. I am glad I’m old. I won’t accept vaccination. If I end up euthanized I don’t think it would be a martyrdom as bad as the first Christians suffered. God bless us and help us. Pray, hope and don’t worry. +

    1. I do not think it is possible unless there are programs to record where you were at every moment, and some clamshel phones do not have this functionality.

  2. I am preparing to fabricate a form-fitting pouch for my phone composed of 0.15 mm copper foil. I will use the very small package in which the “otter box” protective shell for the phone came in. The package is composed of 2 pieces, one which slides inside the other. The sliding piece has a depression in which the phone fits perfectly, as it should, because the otter box which snugly fits the phone came in that depression.
    The idea of copper is that it is highly conductive and should block any signal by dissipating it. The only question is what copper thickness is required. I chose to start at 0.15 mm because it’s easy to bend it around any shape, and to make a flap for insertion to completely isolate the phone.
    This approach will be tested by someone calling my phone while I am out in the open, where nothing can mitigate the signal. If successful, the phone will not ring. If not successful, the phone will ring.
    I have tried aluminum foil, which failed the test, and a double thickness of Mylar which I was told would work, but it failed the test, too. Inside my home the Mylar passed the test which underscores the importance of conducting the test outside for the strongest signal. I have seen other designs online that claim to use a soda can, but I can’t say from personal experience whether that works or not. I will let you know how copper performs.

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