Archbishop Viganò omits faith in Jesus Christ and the Church in letter to Rabbi

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In response to the Open Letter on the Covid-Crisis which Archbishop Viganò published with the names of 13 bishops and several Cardinals, and which was subsequently signed by some 40,000 faithful, a Jewish Rabbi in Germany, by the name of Ahrens, objected in an editorial for a German Catholic publication, discounting the statement as an appeal to conspiracy theories.

In response, the Archbishop wrote a public letter to the Rabbi. In it he defends the truth of the problem with the Covid-19 response. And that is good. But in the process he betrays the Gospel and his Apostolic Mission, by writing:

Liquidare queste preoccupazioni – peraltro espresse anche da autorevoli personalità – come «teorie del complotto» non mi sembra un atteggiamento costruttivo: soprattutto se non si entra nel merito, confutando ciò che si ritiene non vero. Le chiedo quindi: in che cosa, in particolare, Lei non concorda con il testo dell’Appello? Cosa, dell’Appello, rappresenta per Lei uno «shock»?

Mi creda: non avrei mai pensato che l’Appello potesse offenderLa; d’altra parte, per quale motivo un Rabbino dovrebbe sentirsi chiamato in causa, quando si parla di Nuovo Ordine Mondiale? Il Messia che Israele attende è Rex pacificus, Princeps pacis, Pater futuri saeculi: non un tiranno senza morale che domina il mondo sottomettendo gli uomini come schiavi. Questo è piuttosto l’Anticristo.

Which in English is:

To dismiss these concerns — expressed, moreover, also by authorative personalities — as “conspiracy theories” does not seem to be a constructive attitude: above all if one does not address the merit of the issue, by confusing it with what one regards as true.  I ask you therefore: in what, in particular, do you disagree with the text of the Appeal? What in the Appeal represents for you a “shock”?

Believe me: I would never have thought that the Appeal could be offensive to you; on the other hand, for what reason might a Rabbi feel called into the debate, when one is speaking of the New World Order?  The Messiah which Israel is awaiting is the Rex pacificus, the Princeps pacis, the Pater futuri saeculi: not a tyrant without morals who dominates the world by making men submit like slaves. This is rather the Antichrist.

There the Archbishop leaves it. In the rest of the Letter he says nothing more of Jesus Christ or the Church. He has conceded that unbelieving Jews are Israel and that their Messiah is yet to come.

Together such affirmations represent a least a decision to be silent about Jesus, and worse a tacit consent in a theory of Two Messiahs, one for Jews and one for Christians, which a godless heresy.

Because while it is true that the Jews of old are Israel — named on account of their descent from Jacob whose  name God changed after he wrestled with an Angel — Saint Paul speaks of their conversion only in regard to faith in Jesus Christ. Such a nation is Israel.

But Christ came, so that nation no longer is awaiting Him. They have either accepted Him or rejected him. There is no other Messiah to come.

But for the people of Israel which awaits another, Christ Himself said those were the sons of the Devil, not of Abraham. Nor can anyone, without playing games with words, theology and doctrine, claim that the Jews today are still waiting the Messiah. If they do not believe in Jesus and reject Him, then they are not awaiting him in any sense or stretch of the imagination!

Nay, rather, the real and true Israel is the Catholic Church and the Jews throughout the ages who have converted to the Faith. And Moses confirms this in Deuteronomy, where he says that those who reject the prophet to come after him, the Messiah, shall be cut off from the People of God by God Himself.

What the Archbishop has done might seem to him fine diplomacy, but Our Lord did not commission the Apostles as diplomats — as anyone who reads the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles can see.

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8 thoughts on “Archbishop Viganò omits faith in Jesus Christ and the Church in letter to Rabbi”

  1. Excellently stated! This of course is not to say that there are not among the Jewish people some though certainly “lost” who are of the “elect of God” and thus destined to salvation as ones who upon hearing a credible witness about Our Lord will embrace Him. St. Paul also saw these “elect of God” among the lost Gentiles he was called to bring to Christ. Our Lord called these lost Gentiles who He knew would respond to the Gospel “other sheep” which He would bring into the fold. John 10:16

  2. Br. Alexis, give Archbishop Vigano a break.

    If I had written a letter I wouldn’t have mentioned Christ either. Why would he want his reply to be burdened with further controversy? To many Jews Christ Himself is a conspiracy theory.

    1. MD, Vigano not only failed to mention Christ, the true Jewish Messiah but falsely stated that Israel is NOT looking for an anti-Christ, when it is exactly what Israel is looking for! That this Rabbi is offended at Vigano’s strong objection to the tyranny of this NWO agenda proves the messiah he is looking for is clearly an antiChrist.
      I also believe that those who doubt the historical existence of Christ as presented in the biblical record, which is unmistakably presented in the Jewish OT itself are either totally ignorant of this record, or as in the case of this Rabbi, simply unwilling to accept the truth of their true Messiah just as their forefathers rejected that truth 2000 years previously. I have more hope for Jews in total ignorance than I do for this Rabbi and Vigano should know this!

  3. “Our Lord did not commission the Apostles as diplomats”, nor did He commission them as pseudo popes which they have become since Bishops’ Conferences & Synods were invented to take the heat off the Vatican & Antipope Francis who has not the power of St. Peter’s successor.

    Since VII we have not been told the truth about anything regarding the Third Secret & only a public revelation in its entirety will now placate the faithful. The lies, personal detractions, betrayals, idolatrous & sodomitic acts along with demonic silence all come from Satan. There doesn’t appear to be any true representative of Christ living amongst us eho holds the fear of The Lord & the fullness of the Truth & we have been left to fight a huge Apostasy among Bishops, NWO Modernist ideologies, abortions, threats of forced vaccinations & Sign of the Beast in order to live & work, our Churches closed & the sanctuary light extinguished. Catholics are left to die without Last Rites, our Bishops & priests saying they are not important. Bishops excommunicating Hermits whilst celebrating Eid with Muslims while the doors to the Catholic Churches in his Diocese are still shut. Can there be any more to add to the catastrophic portrayal of the OHC&A Church of 2020? I suppose there will be until Heaven decides we are not able to take any more & allows Rome, the dominion of Satan, to be annihilated. PJPII sent a piece of the tomb of St. Peter to Fatima before he died & I wonder if that is where the Church will be restored. We have to believe our prayers are not being ignored but rather set aside for the moment when Our Lady finally crushes the serpent’s head. It can’t come quick enough!

  4. Anyone who vows fidelity to an anti pope will compromise anything regarding the Kingdom of Heaven, because by denying he who holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, they have locked themselves out of the Kingdom, and they no longer have the grace to defend or take a stand for the King of the Kingdom (Jesus Christ.

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